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2011Application of citral to control postharvest diseases of oranges.Wuryatmo, Erminawati
2008The Arabidopsis Ca²⁺ / H⁺ exchangers, AtCAX1 and AtCAX3, are shown by co-localisation, interaction and complementation to participate in plant Ca²⁺ homeostasis.Hocking, Bradleigh
2013Characterisation of proteinaceous toxins isolated from Pyrenophora teres f. teres.Ismail, Ismail Ahmed
2014Effect of calcium and boron nutrition on grey mould of capsicum (Capsicum annuum L.) and fruit quality.Le, Thong Duc
2008Effect of nutrition on postharvest quality and grey mould development in strawberries.Naradisorn, Matchima
2008The genetic basis of barley black point formation.March, Timothy
2011An investigation of bread wheat meiosis via proteomics and gene-targeted approaches: the isolation and characterisation of four meiotic proteins.Khoo, Kelvin Han Ping
2012Regulation of candidate genes in black point formation in barley.Walker, K. Ryan
2007Ripening behaviour of capsicum (Capsicum annuum L.) fruit.Pham Thi, Ngoc Thang.
2007Role of Pyrenophora teres toxins in net blotch of barley.Sarpeleh, Abolfazi
2007Strawberry powdery mildew: epidemiology and the effect of host nutrition on disease.Palmer, Sarah A.
2012Susceptibility of native plant species to Phytophthora cinnamomi and the spread of Phytophthora dieback in South Australia.Kueh, Kiong Hook
2014Understanding the physiological mechanisms of ripening in capsicum.Wan Kamaruddin, Wan Mohd Aizat