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2016Biomimetic synthesis of meroterpenoid natural products using dearomatization strategiesPepper, Henry Patrick
2013Defining peptide structure with metathesis.Chua, Krystle Chia Hsien
2013Design and synthesis and testing of conformationally constrained peptidomimetics.Duncan, Joanna Kimberley
2018Design and synthesis of protein chemical crosslinkers: a modular approachDowney, Kayla Monique
2012Design and synthesis of reaction intermediate derivatives as biotin protein ligase inhibitors.Tieu, William
2016Development of biotin protein ligase inhibitors from Staphylococcus aureus as new antibioticsFeng, Jiage
2015The effects of macrocyclic constraints on electron transfer in peptidesHorsley, John Robert
2013Exploring the structure-function relationship of Biotin Protein Ligase from Staphylococcus aureus : implications for selective inhibitor design.Soares da Costa, Tatiana Pereira
2016Hydrogen peroxide sensing for reproductive healthPurdey, Malcolm Stuart
2012New peptide-based templates constrained into a β-strand by Huisgen cycloaddition.Pehere, Ashok D.
2015Peptidomimetic protease inhibitors: activity and mechanism of inhibitionZhang, Xiaozhou
2017Photoswitchable sensors: reversible ion detection using optical fibresStubing, Daniel Brian
2018Sensing in biological systemsSylvia, Georgina Maree
2014A study on the interactions of synthetic IGF-II analogues with the type 1 IGF and insulin receptors.Cottam, Jade Misty
2017The synthesis of bimane constrained peptides and their fluorescent and structural propertiesHorsfall, Aimee Jade
2010Synthesis of glutamate mimics as neuropathic pain modulating agents.Stanley, Nathan John
2016Utilising CYP199A4 from Rhodopseudomonas palustris HaA2 for biocatalysis and mechanistic studiesChao, Rebecca
2011β-strand mimicry as the basis for a universal approach to protease inhibition.Jones, Seth Adam