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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Analysis of beat-to-beat QT interval variability in 12-lead ECG signals.Hasan, Muhammad Asraful
2008Aspects of HF communications: HF noise and signal features.Giesbrecht, James E.
2005Aspects of quantum game theoryFlitney, Adrian P.
2009Aspects of stochastic control and switching: from Parrondo’s games to electrical circuits.Allison, Andrew Gordon
2009Broadband monolithic constrained lens design.Hall, Leonard Thomas
2009Cardiac flow analysis using magnetic resonance imaging.Wong, Kelvin Kian Loong
2013Characterizing and mitigating scattering effects in terahertz time domain spectroscopy measurements.Kaushik, Mayank
2007A complex systems approach to important biological problems.Berryman, Matthew John
2003Design techniques for low power mixed analog-digital circuits with application to smart wireless systems.Al-Sarawi, Said Fares Khalil
2010Design, characterisation and optimisation of a SAW correlator driven, wireless, passive microvalve for biomedical applications.Tikka, Ajay Chandra
2012Detection of cardiorespiratory interaction for clinical research applications.Kabir, Muammar Muhammad
2010Developments in double-modulated terahertz differential time-domain spectroscopy.Balakrishnan, Jegathisvaran
2013Dielectric resonator antennas : from multifunction microwave devices to optical nano-antennas.Zou, Longfang
2013Distributed home agent mobility management for IP based cellular network.Yung, Chi Wah
2017Efficient terahertz-range beam control using flat opticsHeadland, Daniel
2019[EMBARGOED] UHF Energy Harvesting and Power ManagementSun, Menghan
2010Engineering aspects of terahertz time-domain spectroscopy.Withayachumnankul, Withawat
2016Feedback Optimization for Restorative Brain-Computer InterfacesDarvishi, Sam
2015An investigation of automatic feature extraction for clustered microcalcifications on digital mammogramsBaseri Huddin, Aqilah
2012An investigation of Terahertz near-field imaging.Lin, Hungyen