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2023Aberrant protein expression of Appl1, Sortilin and Syndecan-1 during the biological progression of prostate cancerMartini, C.; Logan, J.M.; Sorvina, A.; Gordon, C.; Beck, A.R.; S-Y Ung, B.; Caruso, M.C.; Moore, C.; Hocking, A.; Johnson, I.R.D.; Li, K.L.; Karageorgos, L.; Hopkins, A.M.; Esterman, A.J.; Huzzell, C.; Brooks, R.D.; Lazniewska, J.; Hickey, S.M.; Bader, C.; Parkinson-Lawrence, E.; et al.
2023Targeting hyaluronan-mediated motility receptor (HMMR) enhances response to androgen receptor signalling inhibitors in prostate cancerHinneh, J.A.; Gillis, J.L.; Mah, C.Y.; Irani, S.; Shrestha, R.K.; Ryan, N.K.; Atsushi, E.; Nassar, Z.D.; Lynn, D.J.; Selth, L.A.; Kato, M.; Centenera, M.M.; Butler, L.M.
2023Ultrastructural analysis of prostate cancer tissue provides insights into androgen-dependent adaptations to membrane contact site establishmentButler, L.M.; Evergren, E.
2022Characterization of Mammalian Regulatory Complexes at Single-Locus Resolution Using TINCKnaupp, A.S.; Schittenhelm, R.B.; Polo, J.M.; Horsfield, J.; Marsman, J.
2022Unravelling Prostate Cancer Heterogeneity Using Spatial Approaches to Lipidomics and TranscriptomicsMutuku, S.M.; Spotbeen, X.; Trim, P.J.; Snel, M.F.; Butler, L.M.; Swinnen, J.V.
2022Isolating Nuclei From Frozen Human Heart Tissue for Single-Nucleus RNA SequencingSafabakhsh, S.; Sar, F.; Martelotto, L.; Haegert, A.; Singhera, G.; Hanson, P.; Parker, J.; Collins, C.; Rohani, L.; Laksman, Z.
2022Human prefrontal cortex gene regulatory dynamics from gestation to adulthood at single-cell resolutionHerring, C.A.; Simmons, R.K.; Freytag, S.; Poppe, D.; Moffet, J.J.D.; Pflueger, J.; Buckberry, S.; Vargas-Landin, D.B.; Clément, O.; Echeverría, E.G.; Sutton, G.J.; Alvarez-Franco, A.; Hou, R.; Pflueger, C.; McDonald, K.; Polo, J.M.; Forrest, A.R.R.; Nowak, A.K.; Voineagu, I.; Martelotto, L.; et al.
2022Establishment of human induced trophoblast stem cells via reprogramming of fibroblastsTan, J.P.; Liu, X.; Polo, J.M.
2022Type 2 immune polarization is associated with cardiopulmonary disease in preterm infantsLao, J.C.; Bui, C.B.; Pang, M.A.; Cho, S.X.; Rudloff, I.; Elgass, K.; Schröder, J.; Maksimenko, A.; Mangan, N.E.; Starkey, M.R.; Skuza, E.M.; Sun, Y.B.Y.; Beker, F.; Collins, C.L.; Kamlin, O.F.; König, K.; Malhotra, A.; Tan, K.; Theda, C.; Young, M.J.; et al.
2022Cytotoxicity-related gene expression and chromatin accessibility define a subset of CD4+ T cells that mark progression to type 1 diabetes.Bediaga, N.G.; Garnham, A.L.; Naselli, G.; Bandala-Sanchez, E.; Stone, N.L.; Cobb, J.; Harbison, J.E.; Wentworth, J.M.; Ziegler, A.G.; Couper, J.J.; Smyth, G.K.; Harrison, L.C.
2022Comparative roadmaps of reprogramming and oncogenic transformation identify Bcl11b and Atoh8 as broad regulators of cellular plasticityHuyghe, A.; Furlan, G.; Schroeder, J.; Cascales, E.; Trajkova, A.; Ruel, M.; Stüder, F.; Larcombe, M.; Yang Sun, Y.B.; Mugnier, F.; De Matteo, L.; Baygin, A.; Wang, J.; Yu, Y.; Rama, N.; Gibert, B.; Kielbassa, J.; Tonon, L.; Wajda, P.; Gadot, N.; et al.
2022Intestinal stem cell aging signature reveals a reprogramming strategy to enhance regenerative potentialNefzger, C.M.; Jardé, T.; Srivastava, A.; Schroeder, J.; Rossello, F.J.; Horvay, K.; Prasko, M.; Paynter, J.M.; Chen, J.; Weng, C.-F.; Sun, Y.B.Y.; Liu, X.; Chan, E.; Deshpande, N.; Chen, X.; Li, Y.J.; Pflueger, J.; Engel, R.M.; Knaupp, A.S.; Tsyganov, K.; et al.
2022Modulation of Plasma Lipidomic Profiles in Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer by SimvastatinMak, B.; Lin, H.-M.; Duong, T.; Mahon, K.L.; Joshua, A.M.; Stockler, M.R.; Gurney, H.; Parnis, F.; Zhang, A.; Scheinberg, T.; Wittert, G.; Butler, L.M.; Sullivan, D.; Hoy, A.J.; Meikle, P.J.; Horvath, L.G.
2022The role of RHAMM in cancer: Exposing novel therapeutic vulnerabilitiesHinneh, J.A.; Gillis, J.L.; Moore, N.L.; Butler, L.M.; Centenera, M.M.
2022Paraspeckle subnuclear bodies depend on dynamic heterodimerisation of DBHS RNA-binding proteins via their structured domainsLee, P.W.; Marshall, A.C.; Knott, G.J.; Kobelke, S.; Martelotto, L.; Cho, E.; McMillan, P.J.; Lee, M.; Bond, C.S.; Fox, A.H.
2021Interplay between the EMT transcription factors ZEB1 and ZEB2 regulates hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell differentiation and hematopoietic lineage fidelityWang, J.; Farkas, C.; Benyoucef, A.; Carmichael, C.; Haigh, K.; Wong, N.; Huylebroeck, D.; Stemmler, M.P.; Brabletz, S.; Brabletz, T.; Nefzger, C.M.; Goossens, S.; Berx, G.; Polo, J.M.; Haigh, J.J.; Eaves, C.J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 16 of 16