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Type: Journal article
Title: No observed effect on brain vasculature of Alzheimer's disease-related mutations in the zebrafish presenilin 1 gene
Author: Barthelson, K.
Newman, M.
Nowell, C.J.
Lardelli, M.
Citation: Molecular Brain, 2021; 14(1):22-1-22-4
Publisher: BioMed Central; Springer Nature
Issue Date: 2021
ISSN: 1756-6606
Statement of
Karissa Barthelson, Morgan Newman, Cameron J. Nowell and Michael Lardelli
Abstract: Previously, we found that brains of adult zebrafish heterozygous for Alzheimer's disease-related mutations in their presenilin 1 gene (psen1, orthologous to human PSEN1) show greater basal expression levels of hypoxia responsive genes relative to their wild type siblings under normoxia, suggesting hypoxic stress. In this study, we investigated whether this might be due to changes in brain vasculature. We generated and compared 3D reconstructions of GFP-labelled blood vessels of the zebrafish forebrain from heterozygous psen1 mutant zebrafish and their wild type siblings. We observed no statistically significant differences in vessel density, surface area, overall mean diameter, overall straightness, or total vessel length normalised to the volume of the telencephalon. Our findings do not support that changes in vascular morphology are responsible for the increased basal expression of hypoxia responsive genes in psen1 heterozygous mutant brains.
Keywords: Zebrafish; vasculature; confocal laser scanning microscopy; 3D reconstruction
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DOI: 10.1186/s13041-021-00734-5
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