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2020Authenticity and traceability in the wine industry: From analytical chemistry to consumer perceptionsRanaweera, R.; Souza Gonzaga, L.; Capone, D.; Bastian, S.; Jeffery, D.; Cifuentes, A.
2020Yeast bioprospecting versus synthetic biology–which is better for innovative beverage fermentation?Alperstein, L.; Gardner, J.M.; Sundstrom, J.F.; Sumby, K.M.; Jiranek, V.
2020Lower-alcohol wines produced by Metschnikowia pulcherrima and Saccharomyces cerevisiae co-fermentations: the effect of sequential inoculation timingHranilovic, A.; Gambetta, J.; Jeffery, D.; Grbin, P.; Jiranek, V.
2020Effects of canopy management practices on grapevine bud fruitfulnessWang, X.; Lesefko, S.; de Bei, R.; Fuentes, S.; Collins, C.
2020Uptake and glycosylation of smoke-derived volatile phenols by Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and their subsequent fate during winemakingSzeto, C.; Ristic, R.; Capone, D.; Puglisi, C.; Pagay, V.; Culbert, J.; Jiang, W.; Herderich, M.; Tuke, J.; Wilkinson, K.
2020Processes and purposes of extraction of grape components during winemaking: current state and perspectivesUnterkofler, J.; Muhlack, R.A.; Jeffery, D.W.
2020Regulated deficit irrigation and crop load interaction effects on grape heterogeneityArmstrong, C.; Previtali, P.; Pagay, V.; Boss, P.; Jeffery, D.; International Terroir Congress (17 Nov 2020 - 18 Nov 2020 : Virtual online)
2020Evolution and correlation of cis-2-methyl-4-propyl-1,3-oxathiane, varietal thiols, and acetaldehyde during fermentation of sauvignon blanc JuiceWang, X.; Chen, L.; Capone, D.L.; Roland, A.; Jeffery, D.W.
2020Sensory typicity of regional Australian Cabernet Sauvignon wines according to expert evaluations and descriptive analysisSouza Gonzaga, L.; Capone, D.; Bastian, S.; Danner, L.; Jeffery, D.
2020Influence of partial dealcoholization on the composition and sensory properties of Cabernet Sauvignon winesPham, D.; Ristic, R.; Stockdale, V.J.; Jeffery, D.W.; Tuke, S.; Wilkinson, K.
2020Substitution or dilution? Assessing pre-fermentative water implementation to produce lower alcohol Shiraz winesSchelezki, O.J.; Deloire, A.; Jeffery, D.W.
2020Shoot thinning of Semillon in a hot climate did not improve yield and berry and wine qualityDe Bei, R.; Wang, X.; Papagiannis, L.; Fuentes, S.; Gilliham, M.; Tyerman, S.; Collins, C.
2020Sensory and chemical drivers of wine consumers' preference for a new shiraz wine product containing ganoderm alucidum extract as a novel ingredientNguyen, A.N.H.; Johnson, T.E.; Jeffery, D.W.; Capone, D.L.; Danner, L.; Bastian, S.E.P.
2020Using rootstocks to lower berry potassium concentrations in 'Cabernet Sauvignon' grapevinesXiao, Z.; DeGaris, K.A.; Baby, T.; McLoughlin, S.J.; Holzapfel, B.P.; Walker, R.R.; Schmidtke, L.M.; Rogiers, S.Y.
2019The role of fruit exposure in the late season decline of grape berry mesocarp cell vitalityClarke, S.J.; Rogiers, S.Y.
2019Volatile composition and sensory profiles of a shiraz wine product made with pre- and post-fermentation additions of Ganoderma Lucidum extractNguyen, A.N.H.; Capone, D.L.; Johnson, T.E.; Jeffery, D.W.; Danner, L.; Bastian, S.E.P.
2019Measures to improve wine malolactic fermentationSumby, K.M.; Bartle, L.; Grbin, P.R.; Jiranek, V.
2019Compositional consequences of partial dealcoholization of red wine by reverse osmosis-evaporative perstractionPham, D.T.; Stockdale, V.J.; Wollan, D.; Jeffery, D.W.; Wilkinson, K.L.
2019Evaluation of indigenous non-Saccharomyces yeasts isolated from a South Australian vineyard for their potential as wine starter culturesLin, M.M.-H.; Boss, P.K.; Walker, M.E.; Sumby, K.M.; Grbin, P.R.; Jiranek, V.
2019The microbial challenge of winemaking: yeast-bacteria compatibilityBartle, L.; Sumby, K.; Sundstrom, J.; Jiranek, V.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 79