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dc.contributor.authorRabbi, S.en
dc.contributor.authorTighe, M.en
dc.contributor.authorWarren, C.en
dc.contributor.authorZhou, Y.en
dc.contributor.authorDenton, M.D.en
dc.contributor.authorBarbour, M.en
dc.contributor.authorYoung, I.en
dc.identifier.citationGeoderma, 2021; 383:114738-1-114738-10en
dc.descriptionReceived 3 March 2020; Received in revised form 19 August 2020; Accepted 14 September 2020en
dc.description.abstractImproving our understanding of drought tolerance of crops is essential in light of future predicted changes in rainfall, decreased groundwater availability, and increasing temperatures. With a focus on above ground traits, significant improvements in drought tolerance of plants has occurred. With such gains plateauing, we have sought to quantify the belowground functional interactions between plant roots and soil in relation to drought tolerance. Using physical, chemical and biological approaches, we compared drought tolerant and sensitive model plants to demonstrate that a tolerant plant alters both the surrounding pore geometry and the relative abundance of bacteria and upregulates the development of a slow wetting rhizosheath, which increases water uptake under drought conditions. We propose that such rhizosheath traits can be targeted to modify the biophysical properties of the rhizosheath to access water in drought conditions.en
dc.description.statementofresponsibilitySheikh M.F. Rabbi, Matthew K. Tighe, Charles R. Warren, Yi Zhou, Matthew D. Denton, Margaret M.Barbour, Iain M.Youngen
dc.rights© 2020 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.en
dc.subjectRhizosheath; Pore geometry; Rhizodeposition; Sorptivity; Bacterial abundance; Stomatal conductanceen
dc.titleHigh water availability in drought tolerant crops is driven by root engineering of the soil micro-habitaten
dc.typeJournal articleen
pubs.library.collectionAgriculture, Food and Wine publicationsen
dc.identifier.orcidZhou, Y. [0000-0002-7119-7408]en
dc.identifier.orcidDenton, M.D. [0000-0002-2804-0384]en
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