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dc.contributor.authorWang, J.Y.-
dc.contributor.authorOuyang, T.-
dc.contributor.authorLi, N.-
dc.contributor.authorMa, T.-
dc.contributor.authorLiu, Z.Q.-
dc.identifier.citationScience Bulletin, 2018; 63(17):1130-1140-
dc.description.abstractHydrogen, serving as a clean, sustainable energy source, may be mainly produced from electrolysis water. Herein, we report cobalt disulphide encapsulated in self-catalyzed carbon nanotubes (S, N-CNTs/CoS2@Co) serving as a bifunctional catalyst, which exhibits excellent hydrogen evolution reaction performance (10.0 mA cm−2 at 0.112 V, and low Tafel slope for 104.9 mV dec−1) and oxygen evolution reaction performance (10.0 mA cm−2 at 1.57 V, and low Tafel slope for 76.1 mV dec−1), meanwhile with a strong stability at various current densities. In-depth study reveals that the excellent catalytic properties can be mainly attributed to the increased catalytic sites induced by S, N co-doping, the improved electronic conductivity derived from the carbon nanotubes, and Mott-Schottky effect between the metal cobalt and semiconductive cobalt disulfide. Notably, when the bifunctional catalysts are applied to overall water splitting, a low potential of 1.633 V at the current density of 10.0 mA cm−2 is achieved, which can compete with the precious metal catalyst benchmarks in alkaline media, demonstrating its promising practicability in the realistic water splitting application. This work elucidates a practicable way to the design of transition metal and nano-carbon composite catalysts for a broad application in the fields of energy chemistry.-
dc.description.statementofresponsibilityJing-Yu Wang, Ting Ouyang, Nan Li, Tianyi Ma, Zhao-Qing Liu-
dc.publisherScience Press-
dc.rights© 2018 Science China Press. Published by Elsevier B.V. and Science China Press. All rights reserved.-
dc.subjectCore-shell structure; hydrogen evolution; oxygen evolution; bifunctional catalyst; overall water splitting-
dc.titleS, N co-doped carbon nanotube-encapsulated core-shelled CoS2@Co nanoparticles: efficient and stable bifunctional catalysts for overall water splitting-
dc.typeJournal article-
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