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Type: Theses
Title: Identifying the pathological changes caused by familial Alzheimer’s disease-like mutations in zebrafish psen2
Author: Jiang, Haowei
Issue Date: 2018
School/Discipline: School of Biological Sciences
Abstract: This project aimed to investigate the pathological changes caused by familial Alzheimer's disease-related (fAD-related) mutations in the gene PSEN2 based on a zebrafish model system. The CRISPR/Cas9 system was used to generate fAD-like mutations in the zebrafish genome. Although this mutagenesis system failed to generate mutations directly equivalent to the fAD mutations Nl411 and Vl481, (Nl40I and Vl471 in zebrafishpsen2), a fAD-like mutation psen2T141_L142delinsMISLISV [T141_L142delinsMISLISV superscript], a truncation mutation psen2N140fs [N140fs superscript], and a putative null mutation psen2S4Ter [S4Ter superscript], were generated. Allele­ specific expression tests using digital quantitative PCR were applied to all three mutations, and nonsense mediated decay was found to occur for the psen2N140fs [N140fs superscript] transcript. RNA-seq-based transcriptomic analysis was performed on brains from psen2S4Ter [S4Ter superscript] heterozygous and wild type siblings from a single family and revealed a likely relationship between psen2 and mitochondrial formation and function, which are thought to be associated with AD pathology. A GFP-Lc3a-GFP construct was designed to assay changes in autophagic flux in zebrafish larvae. By applying this assay to psen2S4Ter [S4Ter superscript]-carrying mutant larvae, as well as larvae possessing mutations in psen1, the Psen2 protein was seen to play a role in autophagy, which is also thought to be a process important in the development of AD pathology. Thus, the results of this project may contribute to a better understanding of the pathological mechanisms underlying AD.
Advisor: Lardelli, Michael Trent
Newman, Morgan
Dissertation Note: Thesis (Ph.D.) (Research by Publication) -- University of Adelaide, School of Biological Sciences, 2018
Keywords: Research by publication
familial Alzheimer’s disease
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