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2023Human Genetic Research in Wallacea and Sahul: Recent Findings and Future ProspectsTaufik, L.; Teixeira, J.C.; Llamas, B.; Sudoyo, H.; Tobler, R.; Purnomo, G.A.
2023Introme accurately predicts the impact of coding and noncoding variants on gene splicing, with clinical applicationsSullivan, P.J.; Gayevskiy, V.; Davis, R.L.; Wong, M.; Mayoh, C.; Mallawaarachchi, A.; Hort, Y.; McCabe, M.J.; Beecroft, S.; Jackson, M.R.; Arts, P.; Dubowsky, A.; Laing, N.; Dinger, M.E.; Scott, H.S.; Oates, E.; Pinese, M.; Cowley, M.J.
2023Australian Genomics: Outcomes of a 5-year national program to accelerate the integration of genomics in healthcareStark, Z.; Boughtwood, T.; Haas, M.; Braithwaite, J.; Gaff, C.L.; Goranitis, I.; Spurdle, A.B.; Hansen, D.P.; Hofmann, O.; Laing, N.; Metcalfe, S.; Newson, A.J.; Scott, H.S.; Thorne, N.; Ward, R.L.; Dinger, M.E.; Best, S.; Long, J.C.; Grimmond, S.M.; Pearson, J.; et al.
2023Temporal Exposure to Bt Insecticide Causes Oxidative Stress in Larval Midgut TissueMuita, B.K.; Baxter, S.W.
2023General Practitioners perspectives on infant telomere length screening after a pregnancy complication: a qualitative analysis.Puglisi, C.J.; McDonough, J.; Bianco-Miotto, T.; A Grieger, J.
2023Heritable defects in telomere and mitotic function selectively predispose to sarcomasBallinger, M.L.; Pattnaik, S.; Mundra, P.A.; Zaheed, M.; Rath, E.; Priestley, P.; Baber, J.; Ray-Coquard, I.; Isambert, N.; Causeret, S.; van der Graaf, W.T.A.; Puri, A.; Duffaud, F.; Le Cesne, A.; Seddon, B.; Chandrasekar, C.; Schiffman, J.D.; Brohl, A.S.; James, P.A.; Kurtz, J.-E.; et al.
2023CRISPR applications for Duchenne muscular dystrophy: From animal models to potential therapiesChey, Y.C.J.; Arudkumar, J.; Aartsma‐Rus, A.; Adikusuma, F.; Thomas, P.Q.
2023The impact of the cytoplasmic ubiquitin ligase TNFAIP3 gene variation on transcription factor NF-κB activation in acute kidney injuryRogers, N.M.; Zammit, N.; Nguyen-Ngo, D.; Souilmi, Y.; Minhas, N.; Meijles, D.N.; Self, E.; Walters, S.N.; Warren, J.; Cultrone, D.; El-Rashid, M.; Li, J.; Chtanova, T.; O'Connell, P.J.; Grey, S.T.
2022Brain transcriptomes of zebrafish and mouse Alzheimer's disease knock-in models imply early disrupted energy metabolismBarthelson, K.; Newman, M.; Lardelli, M.
2022A nearly complete skeleton of a new eusphenodontian from the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation, Wyoming, USA, provides insight into the evolution and diversity of Rhynchocephalia (Reptilia: Lepidosauria)DeMar, D.G.; Jones, M.E.H.; Carrano, M.T.
2022BAF complex-mediated chromatin relaxation is required for establishment of X chromosome inactivationKeniry, A.; Jansz, N.; Gearing, L.J.; Wanigasuriya, I.; Chen, J.; Nefzger, C.M.; Hickey, P.F.; Gouil, Q.; Liu, J.; Breslin, K.A.; Iminitoff, M.; Beck, T.; Tapia Del Fierro, A.; Whitehead, L.; Jarratt, A.; Kinkel, S.A.; Taberlay, P.C.; Willson, T.; Pakusch, M.; Ritchie, M.E.; et al.
2022Antisense oligonucleotide therapy for KCNT1 encephalopathyBurbano, L.E.; Li, M.; Jancovski, N.; Jafar-Nejad, P.; Richards, K.; Sedo, A.; Soriano, A.; Rollo, B.; Jia, L.; Gazina, E.V.; Piltz, S.; Adikusuma, F.; Thomas, P.Q.; Kopsidas, H.; Rigo, F.; Reid, C.A.; Maljevic, S.; Petrou, S.
2022A custom hybridisation enrichment forensic intelligence panel to infer biogeographic ancestry, hair and eye colour, and Y chromosome lineageBardan, F.; Higgins, D.; Austin, J.J.
2021Of 'junk food' and 'brain food': how parental diet influences offspring neurobiology and behaviourBodden, C.; Hannan, A.J.; Reichelt, A.C.
2021Integrated in silico and experimental assessment of disease relevance of PCDH19 missense variantsPham, D.H.; Pitman, M.R.; Sharma, R.; Jolly, L.; Schulz, R.; Gardner, A.; de Nys, R.; Heron, S.E.; Corbett, M.A.; Kothur, K.; Gill, D.; Rajagopalan, S.; Kolc, K.; Halliday, B.J.; Robertson, S.P.; Regan, B.M.; Kirsch, H.E.; Berkovic, S.F.; Scheffer, I.E.; Pitson, S.M.; et al.
2021The inflated significance of neutral genetic diversity in conservation geneticsTeixeira, J.C.; Huber, C.D.
2021A novel GSN variant outside the G2 calcium-binding domain associated with Amyloidosis of the Finnish typeMullany, S.; Souzeau, E.; Klebe, S.; Zhou, T.; Knight, L.S.W.; Qassim, A.; Berry, E.C.; Marshall, H.; Hussey, M.; Dubowsky, A.; Breen, J.; Hassall, M.M.; Mills, R.A.; Craig, J.E.; Siggs, O.M.
2021HYPOXIA AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: hypoxia and ovarian function: follicle development, ovulation, oocyte maturationLim, M.; Thompson, J.G.; Dunning, K.R.
2021Mitogenomes reveal two major influxes of Papuan ancestry across Wallacea following the last glacial maximum and Austronesian contactPurnomo, G.A.; Mitchell, K.J.; O'Connor, S.; Kealy, S.; Taufik, L.; Schiller, S.; Rohrlach, A.; Cooper, A.; Llamas, B.; Sudoyo, H.; Teixeira, J.C.; Tobler, R.
2021Ancient mitochondrial genomes from the Argentinian Pampas inform the early peopling of the Southern Cone of South AmericaRoca-Rada, X.; Politis, G.; Messineo, P.G.; Scheifler, N.; Scabuzzo, C.; Gonzalez, M.; Harkins, K.M.; Reich, D.; Souilmi, Y.; Teixeira, J.C.; Llamas, B.; Fehren-Schmitz, L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 446