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Type: Text
Title: Kurtandilla
Other Titles: Place name Summary (PNS) 4.4.3/03
Author: Schultz, Chester
Publisher: Chester Schultz
Issue Date: 24-Jan-2017
Abstract: The Kaurna name of the campsite and waterhole on Sellick’s Creek at the mouth of Old Sellick’s Hill Road. It was first recorded in 1831 as “Cutandilla” by Collet Barker’s search party, probably from the Aboriginal woman ‘Sally’ (Kalinga or ‘Sarah’, later known as Sally Walker) and her father ‘Condoy’, whom they met at Cape Jervis after Barker’s death at the Murray Mouth.
Keywords: Sellick's Creek
Kaurna language
Aboriginal place-names
South Australia geography
Kaurna Warra Pintyandi
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