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2018SpecBit, DecayBit and PrecisionBit: GAMBIT modules for computing mass spectra, particle decay rates and precision observablesAthron, P.; Balazs, C.; Dal, L.; Edsjo, J.; Farmer, B.; Gonzalo, T.; Kvellestad, A.; McKay, J.; Putze, A.; Rogan, C.; Scott, P.; Weniger, C.; White, M.
2015Interpreting the Fermi-LAT gamma ray excess in the simplified frameworkBalázs, C.; Li, T.; Savage, C.; White, M.
2011Search for massive colored scalars in four-jet final states in √s=7 TeV proton-proton collisions with the ATLAS detectorWhite, M.; Jackson, Paul Douglas; Soni, Nitesh
2010Neutralino reconstruction at the LHC from decay-frame kinematicsKang, Z.; Kersting, N.; Kraml, S.; Raklev, A.; White, M.
2012Fast supersymmetry phenomenology at the Large Hadron Collider using machine learning techniquesBuckley, A.; Shilton, A.; White, M.
2010Readiness of the ATLAS tile calorimeter for LHC collisionsWhite, M.
2009NMSSM in disguise: discovering singlino dark matter with soft leptons at the LHCKraml, S.; Raklev, A.; White, M.
2012Search for a supersymmetric partner to the top quark in final states with jets and missing transverse momentum at √s=7 TeV with the ATLAS detectorJackson, P.; Soni, N.; White, M.
2012Further search for supersymmetry at √s=7TeV in final states with jets, missing transverse momentum, and isolated leptons with the ATLAS detectorJackson, P.; Soni, N.; White, M.
2012Observation of a new particle in the search for the Standard Model Higgs boson with the ATLAS detector at the LHCJackson, P.; Soni, N.; White, M.; Jackson, Paul Douglas; Soni, Nitesh