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2014Search for new particles in events with one lepton and missing transverse momentum in pp collisions at √s = 8 TeV with the ATLAS detectorAad, G.; ATLAS Collaboration
2015Multipole analysis of IceCube data to search for dark matter accumulated in the Galactic haloAartsen, M.; Ackermann, M.; Adams, J.; Aguilar, J.; Ahlers, M.; Ahrens, M.; Altmann, D.; Anderson, T.; Arguelles, C.; Arlen, T.; Auffenberg, J.; Bai, X.; Barwick, S.; Baum, V.; Beatty, J.; Becker Tjus, J.; Becker, K.; BenZvi, S.; Berghaus, P.; Berley, D.; et al.
2016Chemical bonding states and solar selective characteristics of unbalanced magnetron sputtered TiₓM₁‐ₓ‐ᵧNᵧ filmsRahman, M.; Jiang, Z.; Munroe, P.; Chuah, L.; Zhou, Z.; Xie, Z.; Yin, C.; Ibrahim, K.; Amri, A.; Kabir, H.; Haque, M.; Mondinos, N.; Altarawneh, M.; Dlugogorski, B.
2013Search for new phenomena in events with three charged leptons at √s = 7 TeV with the ATLAS detectorThe ATLAS Collaboration; Aad, G.
2018Effects of data quality vetoes on a search for compact binary coalescences in Advanced LIGO's first observing runAbbott, B.; Abbott, R.; Abbott, T.; Abernathy, M.; Acernese, F.; Ackley, K.; Adams, C.; Adams, T.; Addesso, P.; Adhikari, R.; Adya, V.; Affeldt, C.; Agathos, M.; Agatsuma, K.; Aggarwal, N.; Aguiar, O.; Aiello, L.; Ain, A.; Allen, B.; Allocca, A.; et al.
2013Measurement of ZZ production in pp collisions at √s = 7 TeV and limits on anomalous ZZZ and ZZγ couplings with the ATLAS detectorThe ATLAS Collaboration; Aad, G.
2013Search for resonances decaying into top-quark pairs using fully hadronic decays in pp collisions with ATLAS at √s = 7 TeVThe ATLAS Collaboration; Aad, G.
2013Measurement of isolated-photon pair production in pp collisions at √s = 7 TeV with the ATLAS detectorThe ATLAS Collaboration; Aad, G.
2014Measurements of four-lepton production at the Z resonance in pp collisions at √s = 7 and 8 TeV with ATLASAad, G.; ATLAS Collaboration
2016Ultrafast carrier dynamics in methylammonium lead bromide perovskiteDeng, X.; Wen, X.; Huang, S.; Sheng, R.; Harada, T.; Kee, T.; Green, M.; Ho-Baillie, A.