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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021An investigation of cyclist passing distances in the Australian Capital TerritoryMacKenzie, J.R.R.; Dutschke, J.K.; Ponte, G.
2021A bidirectional graph neural network for traveling salesman problems on arbitrary symmetric graphsHu, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Yao, Y.; Huyan, X.; Zhou, X.; Lee, W.S.
2021Agricultural activities compromise ecosystem health and functioning of rivers: Insights from multivariate and multimetric analyses of macroinvertebrate assemblagesZhang, Y.; Leung, J.Y.S.; Zhang, Y.; Cai, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Li, K.
2021In-fiber measurement of the erbium-doped ZBLAN ⁴I₁₃⁄₂ state energy transfer parameterMoffatt, J.E.; Tsiminis, G.; Klantsataya, E.; Henderson-Sapir, O.; Smith, B.W.; Spooner, N.A.; Ottaway, D.J.
2021Ultrafast 3.5  µm fiber laserBawden, N.; Henderson-Sapir, O.; Jackson, S.D.; Ottaway, D.J.
2021Exploratory study of sugar and C₆ compounds in single berries of grapevine ( Vitis vinifera L.) cv. Cabernet Sauvignon throughout ripeningPrevitali, P.; Dokoozlian, N.; Capone, D.L.; Wilkinson, K.L.; Ford, C.M.
2021MYB77 regulates high-affinity potassium uptake by promoting expression of HAK5Feng, C.-Z.; Luo, Y.-X.; Wang, P.-D.; Gilliham, M.; Long, Y.
2021Reducing scattered light in LIGO's third observing runSoni, S.; Austin, C.; Effler, A.; Schofield, R.M.S.; Gonzalez, G.; Frolov, V.V.; Driggers, J.C.; Pele, A.; Urban, A.L.; Valdes, G.; Abbott, R.; Adams, C.; Adhikari, R.X.; Ananyeva, A.; Appert, S.; Arai, K.; Areeda, J.S.; Asali, Y.; Aston, S.M.; Baer, A.M.; et al.
2021Long-term thermal acclimation drives adaptive physiological adjustments of a marine gastropod to reduce sensitivity to climate changeLeung, J.Y.S.; Russell, B.D.; Coleman, M.A.; Kelaher, B.P.; Connell, S.D.
2021Repairing recruitment processes with sound technology to accelerate habitat restorationWilliams, B.R.; McAfee, D.; Connell, S.D.