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2014Description of pedestrian crashes in accordance with characteristics of Active Safety SystemsHamdane, H.; Serre, T.; Anderson, R.; Masson, C.; Yerpez, J.; International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Injury (IRCOBI) (10 Sep 2014 - 12 Sep 2014 : Berlin, Germany)
2014Using near-surface geophysics to assist with the management of southern hairy-nosed wombats ( Lasiorhinus latifrons ) in South AustraliaSwinbourne, M.; Sparrow, E.; Hatch, M.; Bowden, T.; Taggart, D.
2014Achieving resonance in the Advanced LIGO gravitational-wave interferometerStaley, A.; Martynov, D.; Abbott, R.; Adhikari, R.; Arai, K.; Ballmer, S.; Barsotti, L.; Brooks, A.; Derosa, R.; Dwyer, S.; Effler, A.; Evans, M.; Fritschel, P.; Frolov, V.; Gray, C.; Guido, C.; Gustafson, R.; Heintze, M.; Hoak, D.; Izumi, K.; et al.
2014Diaspora institutions and diaspora governanceGamlen, A.
2014The new migration-and-development pessimismGamlen, A.
2014A multi sited approach to analysis of destination immigration data: an asian exampleHugo, G.
2014First all-sky search for continuous gravitational waves from unknown sources in binary systemsAasi, J.; Abbott, B.; Abbott, R.; Abbott, T.; Abernathy, M.; Accadia, T.; Acernese, F.; Ackley, K.; Adams, C.; Adams, T.; Addesso, P.; Adhikari, R.; Affeldt, C.; Agathos, M.; Aggarwal, N.; Aguiar, O.; Ain, A.; Ajith, P.; Alemic, A.; Allen, B.; et al.
2014Clay Mineralogy and its paleoclimatic significance of the Oligocene-Miocene sediments in the Gerze Basin, TibetSong, E.; Zhang, K.; Chen, J.; Wang, C.; Jiang, G.; Yin, K.; Hong, H.; Churchman, J.
2014Biological assessment of the effects of toxic metals on plant biomass productionMichael, P.
2014The economic contribution of humanitarian settlers in AustraliaHugo, G.