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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Update to the catalogue of South Australian freshwater fishes (Petromyzontida & Actinopterygii)Hammer, M.; Adams, M.; Foster, R.
2012Schistonchus (Aphelenchoididae) from Ficus benjamina in Australia, with description of S. benjamina sp. n.Bartholomaeus, F.; Davies, K.; Ye, W.; Giblin-Davis, R.
2012Taxonomic revision of the genus Lobophora (Dictyotales, Phaeophyceae) based on morphological evidence and analyses rbcL and cox3 gene sequencesSun, Z.; Hanyuda, T.; Lim, P.; Tanaka, J.; Gurgel, C.; Kawai, H.
2012Hydrophis donaldi (Elapidae, Hydrophiinae), a highly distinctive new species of sea snake from northern AustraliaUkuwela, K.; Sanders, K.; Fry, B.
2012A review of the families, genera and species of Dicyemida Van Beneden, 1876Catalano, S.
2012Nematodes from galls on Myrtaceae. II. Fergusobia/Fergusonina from small axillary bud ('stem') and leaf ('pea') galls in Australia, with descriptions of two new speciesDavies, K.; Giblin-Davis, R.; Ye, W.; Taylor, G.; Thomas, W.
2012Nematodes from galls on Myrtaceae. III. Fergusobia from flower bud and stigma galls on Eucalyptus, with descriptions of four new speciesDavies, K.; Giblin-Davis, R.; Ye, W.; Taylor, G.; Thomas, W.
2012Malva weinmanniana (Besser ex Rchb.) Conran, a new name for the pink-flowered form of M. preissiana Schltdl. (Malvaceae)Conran, J.; Barker, R.; Rippey, E.
2012The status of Eurostus dussumierii and Hypsirhina chinensis (Reptilia, Squamata, Serpentes): With comments on the origin of salt tolerance in homalopsid snakesKumar, A.; Sanders, K.; George, S.; Murphy, J.
2012A new species of Crinia (Anura: Myobatrachidae) from the Flinders Ranges, South AustraliaDonnellan, S.; Anstis, M.; Price, L.; Wheaton, L.