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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A genome scan and linkage disequilibrium analysis among chromosomal races of the Australian grasshopper Vandiemenella viaticaJackson, B.; Kawakami, T.; Cooper, S.; Galindo, J.; Butlin, R.
2012Associations between resident perceptions of the local residential environment and metabolic syndromeBaldock, K.; Paquet, C.; Howard, N.; Coffee, N.; Hugo, G.; Taylor, A.; Adams, R.; Daniel, M.
2012Simulation of salinity effects on past, present, and future soil organic carbon stocksSetia, R.; Smith, P.; Marschner, P.; Gottschalk, P.; Baldock, J.; Verma, V.; Setia, D.; Smith, J.
2012Context-dependency in the effects of nutrient loading and consumers on the availability of space in marine rocky environmentsBulleri, F.; Russell, B.; Connell, S.
2012Malva weinmanniana (Besser ex Rchb.) Conran, a new name for the pink-flowered form of M. preissiana Schltdl. (Malvaceae)Conran, J.; Barker, R.; Rippey, E.
2012The genus Alisma L.(Alismataceae)in South AustraliaConran, J.
2012Arid land characterisation with EO-1 Hyperion hyperspectral dataJafari, R.; Lewis, M.
2012Heat and health in Adelaide, South Australia: Assessment of heat thresholds and temperature relationshipsWilliams, S.; Nitschke, M.; Sullivan, T.; Tucker, G.; Weinstein, P.; Pisaniello, D.; Parton, K.; Bi, P.
2012A novel tool for studying auxin-metabolism: the inhibition of grapevine indole-3-acetic acid-amido synthetases by a reaction intermediate analogueBottcher, C.; Dennis, E.; Booker, G.; Polyak, S.; Boss, P.; Davies, C.