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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Spatial and temporal predictions of inter-decadal trends in Indian Ocean whale sharksMartins Sequeira, A.; Mellin, C.; Delean, J.; Meekan, M.; Bradshaw, C.
2013Population biology and vulnerability to fishing of deep-water Eteline snappersWilliams, A.; Loeun, K.; Nicol, S.; Chavance, P.; Ducrocq, M.; Harley, S.; Pilling, G.; Allain, V.; Mellin, C.; Bradshaw, C.
2013Ecologically realistic estimates of maximum population growth using informed Bayesian priorsDelean, J.; Brook, B.; Bradshaw, C.
2013Sequencing ancient calcified dental plaque shows changes in oral microbiota with dietary shifts of the Neolithic and Industrial revolutionsAdler, C.; Dobney, K.; Weyrich, L.; Kaidonis, J.; Walker, A.; Haak, W.; Bradshaw, C.; Townsend, G.; Soltysiak, A.; Alt, K.; Parkhill, J.; Cooper, A.
2013Population dynamics can be more important than physiological limits for determining range shifts under climate changeFordham, D.; Mellin, C.; Russell, B.; Akcakaya, H.; Bradshaw, C.; Aiello-Lammens, M.; Caley, M.; Connell, S.; Mayfield, S.; Shepherd, S.; Brook, B.
2013Brave new green world - consequences of a carbon economy for the conservation of Australian biodiversityBradshaw, C.; Bowman, D.; Bond, N.; Murphy, B.; Moore, A.; Fordham, D.; Thackway, R.; Lawes, M.; McCallum, H.; Gregory, S.; Dalal, R.; Boer, M.; Lynch, A.; Bradstock, R.; Brook, B.; Henry, B.; Hunt, L.; Fisher, D.; Hunter, D.; Johnson, C.; et al.
2013No need for disease: Testing extinction hypotheses for the thylacine using multi-species metamodelsProwse, T.; Johnson, C.; Lacy, R.; Bradshaw, C.; Pollak, J.; Watts, M.; Brook, B.
2013Exogenous and endogenous determinants of spatial aggregation patterns in Tibetan Plateau meadow vegetationLiu, J.; Wu, D.; Peng, X.; Zhou, S.; Bradshaw, C.