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2010Plausibility of inferred andestral phenotypes and the evaluation of alternative models of limb evolution in scincid lizardsSkinner, A.; Lee, M.
2010Anthropometric characterization of spleen in childrenCoquet, Benjamin; Sandoz, Baptiste; Savoie, Pierre-Henri; Thollon, Lionel; Serre, Thierry; Brunet, Christian
2010Gendered journeys, mobile emotions: edited by Gale Letherby and Gillian Reynolds. Ashgate Publishing ( 2009, xxi + 214 pp (figures, index)Bonham, J.
2010Evaluation of the physical properties and photodegradation ability of titania nanocrystalline impregnated onto modified kaolinVimonses, V.; Chong, M.; Jin, B.
2010Carbon isotope fractionation of amino acids in fish muscle reflects biosynthesis and isotopic routing from dietary proteinMcMahon, Kelton W.; Fogel, Marilyn L.; Elsdon, Travis Samuel; Thorrold, Simon R.
2010Biogeographical and phylogenetic implications of an early Miocene Wren (Aves: Passeriformes: Acanthisittidae) from New ZealandWorthy, Trevor Henry; Hand, Suzanne J.; Nguyen, Jacqueline; Tennyson, Alan J. D.; Worthy, Jennifer P.; Scofield, Richard Paul; Boles, Walter E.; Archer, Michael
2010Sustained nurse home visiting with families of Aboriginal childrenArney, F.; Bowering, K.; Chong, A.; Healy, V.; Volkmer, R.
2010Complexation of Zn²⁺ by the Fluorophore 2-((E)-2-Phenyl)ethenyl-8-(N-4-methylbenzenesulfonyl)aminoquinol-6-yloxyacetic Acid: A Preparative, Potentiometric, UV-visible, and Fluorescence StudyColeman, H.; May, B.; Lincoln, S.
2010Biogeography of circum-Antarctic springtailsMcGaughran, A.; Stevens, M.; Holland, B.
2010Computational bluff body aerodynamic noise prediction using a statistical approachDoolan, C.