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2010Working it Out: The Role of the Workplace in Return to Work. Report of the Manufacturing Industry Survey - Electronics, Wine & Brandy and Meat & Livestock SectorsBarnett, Kate; Hordacre, Ann-Louise; Katterl, Rachel; Spoehr, John
2010Building Bridges: Perspectives of Rehabilitation and Return to Work CoordinatorsBarnett, Kate; Chiveralls, Keri; Hordacre, Ann-Louise; Katterl, Rachel; Spoehr, John
2010Connecting Ideas: Collaborative Innovation for a Complex WorldBarnett, Kate; Hordacre, Ann-Louise; Molloy, Simon; Spoehr, John; Vas Dev, Sanjugta
2010Is the Credit Rating Tail Wagging the Budgetary Dog? - preliminary Analysis of the South Australian Budget 2010-11Burgan, Barry; Spoehr, John
2010South Australian Workforce Futures Online - online workforce forecasting in the South Australian minerals and resource sectorMolloy, Simon; Spoehr, John
2010Budgeting for Change: Gender Budgets and Sexual and Reproductive HealthBarnett, Kate; Costa, Monica; Ranasinghe, Rasika; Spoehr, John
2010July 2009 - June 2010 Annual Report: Return to Work Fund EvaluationBarnett, Kate; Hordacre, Ann-Louise; Spoehr, John
2010Discussion Paper - The Role of the Workplace in Return to WorkBarnett, Kate; Hordacre, Ann-Louise; Parnis, Eric; Spoehr, John
2010Research report South Australian Economic and Budget OutlookParnis, Eric; Spoehr, John
2011Technology at work: Stress, Work and Technology across the LifecycleBarnett, Kate; Chiveralls, Keri; Gregory, Tess; Moretti, Cecilia; Spoehr, John