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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Using immune genetic algorithm to optimize the reactive powerHuang, W.; Hu, E.; Ghamami, K.; Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference (14th : 2004 : Brisbane, Australia)
2004Hierarchy and monophylySkinner, Adam Westley
2004Experimental study of the degradation of volatile organic compounds by photocatalytic oxidation using TiO2 pelletsZou, L.; Hu, E.; Luo, Y.; Atkinson, S.; International Conference on the Modelling, Monitoring and Management of Air Pollution (12th : 2004 : Rhodes, Greece)
2004Correlation between the Brillouin and the structural parameters in holey optical fibersFurusawa, K.; Yusoff, Z.; Thomsen, B.; Monro, T.; Richardson, D.; CLEO/ IQEC 2004 (2004 : San Francisco, USA)
2004Low-dimensional long-range topological structure in the QCD vacuumHorvath, Ivan; Dong, Shao-Jing; Draper, Terrence; Lee, Frank X.; Liu, K. F.; Mathur, Nilmani; Zhang, Jian-Bo; Thacker, Harry B.
2004Instanton determinant with arbitrary quark mass: WKB phase-shift method and derivative expansionDunne, Gerald Vincent; Hur, Jin; Lee, Choonkyu; Min, Hyunsoo
2004UA(1) and spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking within a confining model of the QCD vacuumKalloniatis, Alexander Constantine; Nedelko, Sergei N.
2004Heavy quark analogues of the theta and their excitationsMaltman, Kim
2004Chiral logarithms in quenched QCDChen, Yanbei; Dong, Shao-Jing; Draper, Terrence; Horvath, Ivan; Lee, Frank X.; Liu, K. F.; Mathur, Nilmani; Zhang, Jian-Bo
2004Kaon-soliton bound state approach to the pentaquark statesPark, Byung-Yoon; Rho, Mannque; Min, Dong-Pil