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1998Interspecific variation in structural organisation of the spermatozoon in the Asian bandicoot rats, bandicota species (family muridae)Breed, W.
1995Variation in sperm head morphology of muroid rodents of Africa: Phylogenetic implicationsBreed, W.
1995Sandy Inland Mouse-Pseudomys hermannsbergensisBreed, W.
1995Spinifex Hopping Mouse-Notomys alexisBreed, W.
1998Reproduction, Mating Strategies and Sperm Competition in Marsupials and MonotremesTaggert, D.; Breed, W.; Temple-Smith, P.; Purvis, A.; Shimmin, G.
1999Protamine Mediated Condensation of DNA in Mammalian SpermBalhorn, R.; Cosman, M.; Thornton, K.; Krishnan, V.; Corzett, M.; Bench, G.; Kramer, C.; Hud, N.; Allen, M.; Prieto, M.; Meyer-Ilse, W.; Brown, J.; Kirz, J.; Zhang, X.; Bradbury, E.; Maki, G.; Braun, R.; Breed, W.
1999Isolation and characterisation of zona pellucida A (ZPA) cDNAs from two species of marsupial: regulated oocyte-specific expression of ZPA transcriptsVoyle, R.; Haines, B.; Loffler, K.; Hope, R.; Rathjen, P.; Breed, W.
1996Changes in structure of the trophectoderm of a marsupial in Mid-pregnancy up to the time of implantationRoberts, C.; Breed, W.
1997Unusual Chromatin structural organization in the sperm head of a murid rodent from Southern Africa: the red veld rat, Aethomys chrysophilus type BBreed, W.
1999Co-Localization of Rab3B and oxytocin to electron dense granules of the sheep corpus luteum during the estrous cycleAl-Matubsi, H.; Breed, W.; Jenkin, G.; Fairclough, R.