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1984Random breath testing in South Australia: effects on drink-driving, accidents and casualtiesMcLean, Jack; Clark, M. S.; Dorsch, Margaret M.; Holubowycz, Oksana T.; McCaul, Kieran Anthony
1980Alcohol and crashes: identification of relevant factors in this associationMcLean, Jack; Holubowycz, Oksana T.; Sandow, B. L.
1980Evaluation of a road safety program for automotive apprenticesHolubowycz, Oksana T.; McLean, Jack
1980Alcohol and the risk of accident involvementMcLean, Jack; Holubowycz, Oksana T.; International Conference on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety (8th : 1980 : Stockholm, Sweden)
1989Drink-driving behaviour in South AustraliaHolubowycz, Oksana T.; McLean, Jack; International workshop ICADTS/INRETS - high alcohol consumers and traffic (28-30 November 1989 : Paris, France)
1986International comparison of drivers' blood alcohol levelsHolubowycz, Oksana T.; McLean, Jack; Lawson, J.; Wolfe, A.; Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety - T86 (1986 : Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
1986Side-effects of random breath testing by the policeMcLean, Jack; Holubowycz, Oksana T.; Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety - T86 (1986 : Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
1987Legal limits of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and road accidents in AustraliaHolubowycz, Oksana T.; International Medical Advisory Conference (16th : 1987 : Melbourne, Australia)
1989Gamma glutamyltransferase activity. Blood alcohol concentration and suspension history of injured male drivers and ridersHolubowycz, Oksana T.
1989Blood alcohol concentrations of pedestriansHolubowycz, Oksana T.; McLean, Jack