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2016Statistical process control application on service quality using SERVQUAL and QFD with a case study in trains' servicesKhorshidi, H.; Nikfalazar, S.; Gunawan, I.
2016Data-driven system reliability and failure behavior modelling using FMECAKhorshidi, H.; Gunawan, I.; Ibrahim, M.
2016Application of fuzzy risk analysis for selecting critical processes in implementation of SPC with a case studyKhorshidi, H.; Gunawan, I.; Nikfalazar, S.
2020Model comparison from LIGO-Virgo data on GW170817's binary components and consequences for the merger remnantAbbott, B.P.; Abbott, R.; Abbott, T.D.; Abraham, S.; Acernese, F.; Ackley, K.; Adams, C.; Adya, V.B.; Affeldt, C.; Agathos, M.; Agatsuma, K.; Aggarwal, N.; Aguiar, O.D.; Aiello, L.; Ain, A.; Ajith, P.; Allen, G.; Allocca, A.; Aloy, M.A.; Altin, P.A.; et al.
2013Dynamic modeling and validation of post-combustion CO₂ Capture Plants in Australian Coal-fired Power StationsBui, M.; Gunawan, I.; Verheyen, V.; Meuleman, E.; Feron, P.
2014Financial view and profitability evaluation on multi-state weighted k-out-of-n: F system reliabilityKhorshidi, H.; Gunawan, I.; Ibrahim, M.
2014Scheduling rotationally arranged robotic cells served by a multi-function robotFoumani, M.; Gunawan, I.; Ibrahim, Y.
2016Integrating SWOT analysis into the FMEA methodology to improve corrective action decision makingSutrisno, A.; Kwon, H.; Gunawan, I.; Eldridge, S.; Lee, T.
2015Notes on feasibility and optimality conditions of small-scale multifunction robotic cell scheduling problems with pickup restrictionsFoumani, M.; Gunawan, I.; Smith-Miles, K.; Ibrahim, M.
2015Analysis of education and practical relevance of project management topics in New ZealandGunawan, I.