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2005A design methodology for a very low noise figure common-source LNAZhu, Y.; Al-Sarawi, S.; Liebelt, M.; SPIE International Symposium on Smart Structures, Devices, and Systems II (2004 : Sydney, Australia)
2010Constraints on the Proterozoic evolution of the Aravalli-Delhi Orogenic belt (NW India) from monazite geochronology and mineral trace element geochemistryBuick, I.; Clark, C.; Rubatto, D.; Hermann, J.; Pandit, M.; Hand, M.
2002Novel fat-link fermion actionsZanotti, J.; Bilson-Thompson, S.; Bonnet, F.; Coddington, P.; Leinweber, D.; Williams, A.; Zhang, J.; Melnitchouk, W.; Lee, F.
2009The geography of melanoma in South AustraliaHeard, A.; Coventry, B.; Milanowski, B.; Taylor, D.
2002Differential oversampling data converters in SEED technologyAl-Sarawi, S.; Atanackovic, P.; Marwood, W.; Clare, B.; Corbett, K.; Grant, K.; Munch, J.
2001The identification, conservation, and management of estuarine and marine nurseries for fish and invertebratesBeck, M.; Heck Jr., K.; Able, K.; Childers, D.; Eggleston, D.; Gillanders, B.; Halpern, B.; Hays, C.; Hoshino, K.; Minello, T.; Orth, R.; Sheridan, P.; Weinstein, M.
2009Simultaneous measurements of the release of atomic sodium, particle diameter and particle temperature for a single burning coal particlevan Eyk, P.; Ashman, P.; Alwahabi, Z.; Nathan, G.
2005Seedling growth in conifers and angiosperms: impacts of contrasting xylem structureBrodribb, T.; Holbrook, N.; Hill, R.
2007Alternative modelling approaches for the estimation of irreducible water saturation: Australian hydrocarbon basinsGoda, H.; Behrenbruch, P.; Maier, H.
2001A preparative and spectroscopic study of fluorophores for zinc(II) detectionKimber, M.; Mahadevan, I.; Lincoln, S.; Ward, A.; Betts, W.