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2013Ecological relationships, thresholds and time-lags determining phytoplankton community dynamics of Lake Kinneret, Israel elucidated by evolutionary computation and waveletsRecknagel, F.; Ostrovsky, I.; Cao, H.; Zohary, T.; Zhang, X.
2013Is walkability associated with a lower cardiometabolic risk?Coffee, N.; Howard, N.; Paquet, C.; Hugo, G.; Daniel, M.
2013Enhanced functionality of the redesigned hybrid evolutionary algorithm HEA demonstrated by predictive modelling of algal growth in the Wivenhoe Reservoir, Queensland (Australia)Cao, H.; Recknagel, F.; Orr, P.
2013Framework for assessing and improving the performance of recursive digital filters for baseflow estimation with application to the Lyne and Hollick filterLi, L.; Maier, H.; Lambert, M.; Simmons, C.; Partington, D.
2013Employment and wage discrimination in the Chinese cities: A comparative study of migrants and localsCheng, Z.; Guo, F.; Hugo, G.; Yuan, X.
20122D-DIGE analysis of sera from transgenic mouse models reveals novel candidate protein biomarkers for human gastric cancerPenno, M.; Klingler-Hoffmann, M.; Brazzatti, J.; Boussioutas, A.; Putoczki, T.; Ernst, M.; Hoffmann, P.
2012Structural approaches to probing metal interaction with proteinsParker, L.; Ascher, D.; Chen, G.; Miles, L.; Harris, H.; Parker, M.
2012Microwave links for rainfall estimation in an urban environment: Insights from an experimental setup in Luxembourg-CityFenicia, F.; Pfister, L.; Kavetski, D.; Matgen, P.; Iffly, J.; Hoffmann, L.; Uijlenhoet, R.
2012Arid land characterisation with EO-1 Hyperion hyperspectral dataJafari, R.; Lewis, M.
2013Risk factors for direct heat-related hospitalization during the 2009 Adelaide heatwave: A case crossover studyZhang, Y.; Nitschke, M.; Bi, P.