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2012Disruption of microalgal cells for the extraction of lipids for biofuels: Processes and specific energy requirementsLee, K.; Lewis, D.; Ashman, P.
2012Supergene gold transformation: biogenic secondary and nano-particulate gold from arid AustraliaFairbrother, L.; Brugger, J.; Shapter, J.; Laird, J.; Southam, G.; Reith, F.
2012Supergene gold transformation: secondary and nano-particulate gold from southern New ZealandReith, F.; Stewart, L.; Wakelin, S.
2013Large eddy simulation of the wind turbine wake characteristics in the numerical wind tunnel modelMo, J.; Choudhry, A.; Arjomandi, M.; Lee, Y.
2013Paleohydrologic response to continental warming during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, Bighorn Basin, WyomingKraus, M.; McInerney, F.; Wing, S.; Secord, R.; Baczynski, A.; Bloch, J.
2000A common boundary between distinct northern and southern morphotypes in two unrelated Tasmanian rainforest speciesBarnes, R.; Jordan, G.; Hill, R.; McCoull, C.
2000Do skin peptide profiles reflect speciation in the Australian treefrog Litoria caerulea (Anura:Hylidae)?Donnellan, S.; Tyler, M.; Monis, P.; Barclay, A.; Medlin, A.
2001Nonperturbative improvement and tree-level correction of the quark propagatorSkullerud, J.; Leinweber, D.; Williams, A.
2003Systematic Regge theory analysis of ω photoproductionSibirtsev, A.; Tsushima, K.; Krewald, S.
2001Temporal structure of stimulated-Brillouin-scattering reflectivity considering transversal-mode developmentAfshar Vahid, S.; Heuer, A.; Menzel, R.; Munch, J.