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2012Fine-scale effects of sedentary urchins on canopy and understory algaeLivore, J.; Connell, S.
2012Sorption of dissolved organic matter in salt-affected soils: Effect of salinity, sodicity and textureMavi, M.; Sanderman, J.; Chittleborough, D.; Cox, J.; Marschner, P.
2004Parton distributions from lattice QCD: an updateDetmold, W.; Melnitchouk, W.; Thomas, A.; 2nd Cairns Topical Workshop on Lattice Hadron Physics (22 Jul 2003 - 30 Jul 2003 : Cairns, AUSTRALIA)
2004Diazacoronand-linked α- and β-cyclodextrin dimer complexes of the Brilliant Yellow tetraanionWyness, O.; May, B.; Clements, P.; Lincoln, S.; Easton, C.
1997An HPLC study of cooperative guest binding by a covalently linked b-cyclodextrin dimerCroft, A.; Easton, C.; Lincoln, S.; May, B.; Papageorgiou, J.
1997A versatile synthesis of linked cyclodextrinsEaston, C.; van Eyk, S.; Lincoln, S.; May, B.; Papageorgiou, J.; Williams, M.
2013Can biological toxicity drive the contrasting behavior of platinum and gold in surface environments?Brugger, J.; Etschmann, B.; Grosse, C.; Plumridge, C.; Kaminski, J.; Paterson, D.; Shar, S.; Ta, C.; Howard, D.; de Jonge, M.; Ball, A.; Reith, F.
2012The potential role of data-centres in enabling investment in geothermal energyKaniyal, A.; Nathan, G.; Pincus, J.
2012Microalgal biomass for bioethanol fermentation: Implications for hypersaline systems with an industrial focusDoan, Q.; Moheimani, N.; Mastrangelo, A.; Lewis, D.
2012Experimental implementation and validation of thermodynamic cycles of adsorption-based desalinationWu, J.; Biggs, M.; Pendleton, P.; Badalyan, A.; Hu, E.