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2012Cryogenic, conduction cooled, end pumped, zigzag slab laser, suitable for power scalingGanija, M.; Ottaway, D.; Veitch, P.; Munch, J.; CLEO (2012 : San Jose, California, USA)
2012Nematodes from galls on Myrtaceae. II. Fergusobia/Fergusonina from small axillary bud ('stem') and leaf ('pea') galls in Australia, with descriptions of two new speciesDavies, K.; Giblin-Davis, R.; Ye, W.; Taylor, G.; Thomas, W.
2012Baryon resonances and hadronic interactions in a finite volumeHall, J.; Hsu, A.; Leinweber, D.; Thomas, A.; Young, R.; International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory (30th : 2012 : Cairns, Australia)
2007High performance control for trajectory tracking of symmetric VTOL vehicles with significant aerodynamic effectsWood, R.; Mahony, R.; Cazzolato, B.; European Control Conference (2007 : Kos, Greece)
2005Power counting regime of chiral extrapolation and beyondLeinweber, D.; Thomas, A.; Young, R.; International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory (23rd : 2005 : Dublin, Ireland)
2014Suspended core fiber for propagating vortex LP11 modesJi, H.; Ruan, Y.; Shahraam Afshar, V.; Monro, T.M.; CLEO: QELS Fundamental Science 2014 (08 Jun 2014 - 13 Jun 2014 : San Jose, CA)
2007Field test investigations into distributed fault modeling in water distribution systems using transient testingArbon, N.; Lambert, M.; Simpson, A.; Stephens, M.; World Environmental and Water Resources Congress (2007 : Tampa, Florida)
2003A non-parametric hidden Markov model for climate state identificationLambert, M.; Whiting, J.; Metcalfe, A.
2015C-band mode-selective couplers fabricated by the femtosecond laser direct-write techniqueGross, S.; Riesen, N.; Love, J.; Withford, M.; Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition (OFC) (22 Mar 2015 - 26 Mar 2015 : Los Angeles, CA)
2012Computing a consensus of multilabeled treesHuber, K.; Moulton, V.; Spillner, A.; Suchecki, R.; 14th Meeting on Algorithm Engineering and Experiments 2012 (ALENEX12) (16 Jan 2012 - 16 Jan 2012 : Kyoto, Japan)