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2000Body mass, testes mass, and sperm size in murine rodentsBreed, W.; Taylor, J.
2018Fine tuning of transmission features in nanoporous anodic alumina distributed Bragg reflectorsLim, S.; Law, C.; Santos, A.; SPIE Nanophotonics Australasia 2017 (10 Dec 2017 - 13 Dec 2017 : Melbourne, VIC)
2012Translation inhibitors induce cell death by multiple mechanisms and Mcl-1 reduction is only a minor contributorLindqvist, L.; Vikström, I.; Chambers, J.; McArthur, K.; Ann Anderson, M.; Henley, K.; Happo, L.; Cluse, L.; Johnstone, R.; Roberts, A.; Kile, B.; Croker, B.; Burns, C.; Rizzacasa, M.; Strasser, A.; Huang, D.
2012The dendritic cell receptor Clec9A binds damaged cells via exposed actin filamentsZhang, J.; Czabotar, P.; Policheni, A.; Caminschi, I.; San Wan, S.; Kitsoulis, S.; Tullett, K.; Robin, A.; Brammananth, R.; van Delft, M.; Lu, J.; O'Reilly, L.; Josefsson, E.; Kile, B.; Chin, W.; Mintern, J.; Olshina, M.; Wong, W.; Baum, J.; Wright, M.; et al.
2012Uteroplacental insufficiency programmes vascular dysfunction in non-pregnant rats: compensatory adaptations in pregnancyMazzuca, M.; Tare, M.; Parkington, H.; Dragomir, N.; Parry, L.; Wlodek, M.
2020European and Asian contribution to the genetic diversity of mainland South American chickensHerrera, M.B.; Kraitsek, S.; Alcalde, J.A.; Quiroz, D.; Revelo, H.; Alvarez, L.A.; Rosario, M.F.; Thomson, V.; Jianlin, H.; Austin, J.J.; Gongora, J.
2015Self-heterodyne interference spectroscopy using a comb generated by pseudo-random modulationHébert, N.; Michaud-Belleau, V.; Anstie, J.; Deschênes, J.; Luiten, A.; Genest, J.
2018Number-density measurements of CO₂ in real time with an optical frequency comb for high accuracy and precisionScholten, S.; Perrella, C.; Anstie, J.; White, R.; Al-Ashwal, W.; Hebert, N.; Genest, J.; Luiten, A.
2016Complex direct comb spectroscopy with a virtually imaged phased arrayScholten, S.; Anstie, J.; Hébert, N.; White, R.; Genest, J.; Luiten, A.
2019Short-range non-bending fully distributed water/humidity sensorsChen, G.; Wu, X.; Schartner, E.; Shahnia, S.; Hebert, N.; Yu, L.; Liu, X.; Shahraam, A.; Newson, T.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Xu, H.; Lancaster, D.; Monro, T.