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2005Are humans infected by Hantaviruses in Australia?Bi, P.; Cameron, A.; Higgins, G.; Burrell, C.
2020More arrows in the ancient DNA quiver: use of paleoepigenomes and paleomicrobiomes to investigate animal adaptation to environmentLiu, Y.; Weyrich, L.S.; Llamas, B.
2013IntroductionHugo, G.
2014Radiation dose distribution under the area protected using a Cerrobend block during external beam radiotherapy: a film studyMohammadi, M.; Taherkhani, A.; Saboori, M.
2014Genetic and palaeo-climatic evidence for widespread persistence of the coastal tree species Eucalyptus gomphocephala (Myrtaceae) during the Last Glacial MaximumNevill, P.; Bradbury, D.; Williams, A.; Tomlinson, S.; Krauss, S.
2014Special K: Testing the potassium link between radioactive rubidium (⁸⁶Rb) turnover and metabolic rateTomlinson, S.; Mathialagan, P.; Maloney, S.
2020Mode-locked and tunable fiber laser at the 3.5 μm band using frequency-shifted feedbackHenderson-Sapir, O.; Bawden, N.; Majewski, M.; Woodward, R.; Ottaway, D.; Jackson, A.
2016Freight transportation planning considering carbon emissions and in-transit holding costs: a capacitated multi-commodity network flow modelRudi, A.; Frohling, M.; Zimmer, C.; Schultmann, F.
2004Relationships between the El-Nino southern oscillation and spate flows in southern Africa and AustraliaWhiting, J.; Lambert, M.; Metcalfe, A.; Adamson, P.; Franks, S.; Kuczera, G.
2014Huddling behaviour and energetics of Sminthopsis spp. (Marsupialia, Dasyruidae) in response to environmental challengeTomlinson, S.; Withers, P.C.; Maloney, S.K.