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2011Curated performances for National Reconciliation Week 2011 (‘Let’s Talk Recognition’): The University of Adelaide Official Reconciliation Conversation & Celebrations, Fri 27 May 2011, and Reconciliation Down Rundle – Healthy Land, Living and Culture together with Mabo Day National Celebration, 3 June 2011Petherick, D.; Newsome, J.; Pak Poy, A.; Peters, E.; Rotumah, G.; Turner, A.
2011Commissioned film music for documentary film For Love of Country: stories of service and sacrifice by Aboriginal people from South Australia within the Australian Armed Forces, 2011. [DVD] Malcolm McKinnon, Australia: Reconciliation South Australia.Petherick, D.; Rotumah, G.; Syron, R.; Pak Poy, A.; Turner, A.
2011Performance and historic re-creation by CASM Choir Keriba Wakai of 1967 Referendum anthem 'We Are Going to Freedom' for the Lowitja O’Donoghue Oration 2011Petherick, D.; Newsome, J.; Pak Poy, A.; Rotumah, G.; Turner, A.; Peters, E.
2013Great BeyonderPak Poy, A.; Petherick, D.; Rotumah, G.
2015The transmission of education across generations: evidence from AustraliaRanasinghe, R.
2013Synthetic dityrosine-linked β-amyloid dimers form stable, soluble, neurotoxic oligomersKok, W.; Cottam, J.; Ciccotosto, G.; Miles, L.; Karas, J.; Scanlon, D.; Roberts, B.; Parker, M.; Cappai, R.; Barnham, K.; Hutton, C.
2012Terminal reliability assessment of gamma and extra‐stage gamma networksGunawan, I.; Fard, N.
2013Implementation of SPC with FMEA in less-developed industries with a case study in car battery manufactoryKhorshidi, H.; Gunawan, I.; Esmaeilzadeh, F.
2016Do fish remains provide reliable palaeoenvironmental records? An examination of the effects of cooking on the morphology and chemistry of fish otoliths, vertebrae and scalesDisspain, M.; Ulm, S.; Izzo, C.; Gillanders, B.
1989Pontomedullary tears and other gross brainstem injuries after vehicular accidentsSimpson, D.; Blumbergs, P.; Cooter, R.; Kilminster, M.; McLean, J.; Scott, G.