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2005Rotating Michelson-Morley experiment based on a dual cavity cryogenic sapphire oscillatorStanwix, P.; Tobar, M.; Susli, M.; Locke, C.; Ivanov, E.; Winterflood, J.; Hartnett, J.; Van Kann, F.; Wolf, P.; 19th European Frequency and Time Forum (EFTF) (21 Mar 2005 - 24 Mar 2005 : Besançon, France)
2005Rotating Michelson-Morley experiment based on a dual cavity cryogenic sapphire oscillatorStanwix, P.L.; Tobar, M.E.; Winterflood, J.; Ivanov, E.N.; Susli, M.; Hartnett, J.G.; Van Kann, F.; Wolf, P.; IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium and Exposition, 2004 (23 Aug 2004 - 27 Aug 2004 : Montréal, Québec)
2001Three-dimensional inviscid waves in buoyant boundary layer flowsDenier, James Patrick; Stott, Jillian A. K.; Bassom, Andrew Peter
2004Improved test of Lorentz invariance in electrodynamicsWolf, P.; Bize, S.; Clairon, A.; Santarelli, G.; Tobar, M.; Luiten, A.
2008ACE research briefing paper 006 : anatomy of new business activity in Australia: some early observations from the CAUSEE projectDavidsson, P.; Steffens, P.R.; Gordon, S.R.; Reynolds, P.; Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research
2008Introduction to Australian Study of Entrepreneurship Emergence (CAUSEE)Davidsson, P.; Steffens, P.R.; Gordon, S.R.; 5th International AGSE Entrepreneurship Research Exchange (05 Feb 2008 - 08 Feb 2008 : Melbourne, Vic)
2002A new constrained parameter estimator: experiments in fundamental matrix computationHengel, A.V.D.; Brooks, M.J.; Chojnacki, W.; Gawley, D.; 13th British Machine Vision Conference 2002 (BMVC 2002) (02 Sep 2002 - 05 Sep 2002 : Cardiff, UK)
2004Using immune genetic algorithm to optimize the reactive powerHuang, W.; Hu, E.; Ghamami, K.; Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference (14th : 2004 : Brisbane, Australia)
2005Conservation implications of clonality and limited sexual reproduction in the endangered shrub Acanthocladium dockeri (Asteraceae)Jusaitis, M.; Adams, M.
2005Chloroplast and total genomic diversity in the endemic Costa Rican tree Lonchocarpus costaricensis (J.D. Smith) Pittier (Papilionaceae)Navarro, C.; Cavers, S.; Colpaert, N.; Hernandez, G.; Breyne, P.; Lowe, A.