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2018A perspective for resolving the systematics of Rattus, the vertebrates with the most influence on human welfareThomson, V.A.; Wiewel, A.S.; Chinen, A.; Maryanto, I.; Sinaga, M.H.; How, R.; Aplin, K.; Suzuki, H.
2018A database of chlorophyll a in Australian watersDavies, C.H.; Ajani, P.; Armbrecht, L.; Atkins, N.; Baird, M.E.; Beard, J.; Bonham, P.; Burford, M.; Clementson, L.; Coad, P.; Crawford, C.; Dela-Cruz, J.; Doblin, M.A.; Edgar, S.; Eriksen, R.; Everett, J.D.; Furnas, M.; Harrison, D.P.; Hassler, C.; Henschke, N.; et al.
2018Chemical and sensory profiling of Shiraz wines co-fermented with commercial non-Saccharomyces inoculaHranilovic, A.; Li, S.; Boss, P.; Bindon, K.; Ristic, R.; Grbin, P.; Van der Westhuizen, T.; Jiranek, V.
2018Laser irradiated vortex fluidic mediated synthesis of luminescent carbon nanodots under continuous flowLuo, X.; Al-Antaki, A.; Vimalanathan, K.; Moffatt, J.; Zheng, K.; Zou, Y.; Zou, J.; Duan, X.; Lamb, R.; Wang, S.; Li, Q.; Zhang, W.; Raston, C.
2018Adult mouse eIF2Bϵ Arg191His astrocytes display a normal integrated stress response in vitroWisse, L.; Ter Braak, T.; Van De Beek, M.; Van Berkel, C.; Wortel, J.; Heine, V.; Proud, C.; Van Der Knaap, M.; Abbink, T.
2018Frustrated tunnel ionization in the few-cycle regimeGlover, R.D.; Chetty, D.; Palmer, A.J.; Deharak, B.A.; Holdsworth, J.L.; Dakka, M.A.; Luiten, A.N.; Light, P.S.; Litvinyuk, I.V.; Sang, R.T.; Frontiers in Optics / Laser Science (16 Sep 2018 - 20 Sep 2018 : Washington, DC, United States)
2018Surface modification of nanoporous anodic alumina photonic crystals for photocatalytic applicationsLim, S.; Law, C.; Santos, A.; Chon, J.W.M.; Jia, B.; SPIE Nanophotonics Australasia (10 Dec 2017 - 13 Dec 2017 : Melbourne)
2018Joseph Gumbula, the ancestral chorus, and how we value Indigenous knowledgesCorn, A.
2018The supernova remnant W49B as seen with H.E.S.S. and Fermi-LATH.E.S.S. Collaboration; Abdalla, H.; Abramowski, A.; Aharonian, F.; Benkhali, F.; Akhperjanian, A.; Andersson, T.; Angüner, E.; Arrieta, M.; Aubert, P.; Backes, M.; Balzer, A.; Barnard, M.; Becherini, Y.; Tjus, J.; Berge, D.; Bernhard, S.; Bernlöhr, K.; Blackwell, R.; Böttcher, M.; et al.
2018Effect of water stress and elevated temperature on hypoxia and cell death in the mesocarp of Shiraz berriesXiao, Z.; Liao, S.; Rogiers, S.; Sadras, V.; Tyerman, S.