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2018Converse Smith-Martin cell cycle kinetics by transformed B lymphocytesPham, K.; Kan, A.; Whitehead, L.; Hennessy, R.J.; Rogers, K.; Hodgkin, P.D.
2018Automated vehicles and the readiness of Western Australian roadsMackenzie, J.R.; Dutschke, J.; van den Berg, A.; Kumar, M.; Meuleners, L.; WA Road Safety Commission
2018Evaluation of the ACT Government's safer cycling reformsMongiardini, M.; Raftery, S.; Ponte, G.; Woolley, J.; ACT Department of Justice and Community Safety
2018Analysis of crash data from safety camera intersections in South AustraliaKloeden, C.; Mackenzie, J.; Hutchinson, T.; Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
2018Control dust pollution on construction sites: what governments do in China?Xing, J.; Ye, K.; Zuo, J.; Jiang, W.
2018Fabrication and optimization of bilayered nanoporous anodic alumina structures as multi-point interferometric sensing platformNemati, M.; Santos, A.; Losic, D.
2018Inquiry Into The National Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020Woolley, J.; Crozier, J.A.; McIntosh, L.; McInerney, R.; Office of Road Safety
2018Towards Safe System Infrastructure: A Compendium of Current KnowledgeWoolley, J.; Stokes, C.; Turner, B.; Jurewicz, C.; Austroads
2018Recommendations for a Graduated Licensing System for Motorcyclists in South AustraliaBaldock, M.R.; Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
2018Classification of medical images in the biomedical literature by jointly using deep and handcrafted visual featuresZhang, J.; Xia, Y.; Xie, Y.; Fulham, M.; Feng, D.D.