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2018Disentangling synergistic disease dynamics: Implications for the viral biocontrol of rabbitsWells, K.; Fordham, D.; Brook, B.; Cassey, P.; Cox, T.; O'Hara, R.; Schwensow, N.
2018Catalytic removal of aqueous contaminants on N-doped graphitic biochars: inherent roles of adsorption and nonradical mechanismZhu, S.; Huang, X.; Ma, F.; Wang, L.; Duan, X.; Wang, S.
2018Q-switched cryogenic Ho:YAG laserGanija, M.; Hemming, A.; Simakov, N.; Carmody, N.; Veitch, P.; Haub, J.; Munch, J.; Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO: 2018) (13 May 2018 - 18 May 2018 : San Jose, California)
2018Barriers to the transition towards off-site construction in China: An Interpretive structural modeling approachGan, X.; Chang, R.; Zuo, J.; Wen, T.; Zillante, G.
2018Development of a southern hemisphere subtropical wetland (Welsby Lagoon, south-east Queensland, Australia) through the last glacial cycleCadd, H.R.; Tibby, J.; Barr, C.; Tyler, J.; Unger, L.; Leng, M.J.; Marshall, J.C.; McGregor, G.; Lewis, R.; Arnold, L.J.; Lewis, T.; Baldock, J.
2018Archaeogenetics of Late Iron Age Çemialo Sırtı, Batman: investigating maternal genetic continuity in north Mesopotamia since the NeolithicYaka, R.; Birand, A.; Yılmaz, Y.; Caner, C.; Açan, S.; Gündüzalp, S.; Parvizi, P.; Erim Özdoğan, A.; Togan, İ.; Somel, M.
2018Characterization of the Mel1c melatoninergic receptor in platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus)Gautier, C.; Guenin, S.; Riest-Fery, I.; Perry, T.; Legros, C.; Nosjean, O.; Simonneaux, V.; Grützner, F.; Boutin, J.
2018Best practice data life cycle approaches for the life sciencesGriffin, P.; Khadake, J.; LeMay, K.; Lewis, S.; Orchard, S.; Pask, A.; Pope, B.; Roessner, U.; Russell, K.; Seemann, T.; Treloar, A.; Tyagi, S.; Christiansen, J.; Dayalan, S.; Gladman, S.; Hangartner, S.; Hayden, H.; Ho, W.; Keeble-Gagnère, G.; Korhonen, P.; et al.
2018Corticosterone preexposure increases NF-κB translocation and sensitizes IL-1β responses in BV2 microglia-like cellsLiu, J.; Mustafa, S.; Barratt, D.; Hutchinson, M.
2018Advancing dielectric and ferroelectric properties of piezoelectric polymers by combining graphene and ferroelectric ceramic additives for energy storage applicationsIshaq, S.; Kanwal, F.; Atiq, S.; Moussa, M.; Azhar, U.; Imran, M.; Losic, D.