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2011N-dimensional animal energetic niches clarify behavioural options in a variable marine environmentWilson, R.; McMahon, C.; Quintana, F.; Frere, E.; Scolaro, A.; Hays, G.; Bradshaw, C.
2010Evaluating the relative environmental impact of countriesBradshaw, C.; Giam, X.; Sodhi, N.
2014Predictors of contraction and expansion of area of occupancy for British birdsBradshaw, C.; Brook, B.; Delean, S.; Fordham, D.; Herrando-Pérez, S.; Cassey, P.; Early, R.; Sekercioglu, C.; Araújo, M.
2012Ocean-scale prediction of whale shark distributionMartins Sequeira, A.; Mellin, C.; Rowat, D.; Meekan, M.; Bradshaw, C.
2013Population dynamics can be more important than physiological limits for determining range shifts under climate changeFordham, D.; Mellin, C.; Russell, B.; Akcakaya, H.; Bradshaw, C.; Aiello-Lammens, M.; Caley, M.; Connell, S.; Mayfield, S.; Shepherd, S.; Brook, B.
2011Effectiveness of biological surrogates for predicting patterns of marine biodiversity: A global meta-analysisMellin, C.; Delean, J.; Caley, M.; Edgar, G.; Meekan, M.; Pitcher, R.; Przeslawski, R.; Williams, A.; Bradshaw, C.
2012Multi-scale marine biodiversity patterns inferred efficiently from habitat image processingMellin, C.; Parrott, L.; Andrefouet, S.; Bradshaw, C.; MacNeil, M.; Caley, M.
2012Accuracy of species identification by fisheries observers in a north Australian shark fisheryTillett, B.; Field, I.; Bradshaw, C.; Buckworth, R.; Johnson, G.; Meekan, M.; Ovenden, J.
2010Complexities of coastal shark movements and their implications for managementSpeed, C.; Field, I.; Meekan, M.; Bradshaw, C.
2011The SAFE index: using a threshold population target to measure relative species threatClements, G.; Bradshaw, C.; Brook, B.; Laurance, W.