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2005Impact of waste recycling on sustainable agriculture in ThailandPongsakul, P.; Nobuntou, W.; Attajarusit, S.; McLaughlin, M.; Warne, M.; Cozens, G.; Global perspective on resource recycling for sustainable agriculture (2005 : Hokkaido, Japan)
2009Changing perspectives on the biogeography of the tropical South Pacific: influences of dispersal, vicariance and extinctionKeppel, G.; Lowe, A.; Possingham, H.
2000Taxonomic implications of variation in sperm head morphology of the Australian Delicate Mouse, Pseudomys delicatulusBreed, W.
2003The chiral limit K → ππ matrix elements of the electroweak penguin operators, Q₇,₈Maltman, Kim; Cirigliano, Vincenzo; Donoghue, J. F.; Golowich, Eugene
2003Quenched chiral log and light quark mass from overlap fermionsDraper, Terrence; Dong, Shao-Jing; Horvath, Ivan; Lee, Frank X.; Liu, K. F.; Mathur, Nilmani; Zhang, Jian-Bo
2002CP violation and extra dimensionsHuang, C.-S.; Li, T.; Wei, L.; Yan, Q.-S.
2001Light quark masses: A status report at DPF 2000Gupta, R.; Maltman, Kim
2006Hyperspectral detection of arable crop stress associated with buried gas pipeline soil disturbanceWhite, D.; Williams, M.; Barr, S.; Atlantic European Conference on Remote Imaging and Spectroscopy (2006 : Preston, UK)
2003Empirical Baye's method and tests in very light quark range from the overlap lattice QCDDong, Shao-Jing; Draper, Terrence; Horvath, Ivan; Lee, Frank X.; Mathur, Nilmani; Zhang, Jian-Bo
2003The local structure of topological charge fluctuations in QCDHorvath, Ivan; Dong, Shao-Jing; Draper, Terrence; Lee, Frank X.; Liu, K. F.; Zhang, Jian-Bo; Thacker, Harry B.