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1999Improving coastal vulnerability assessment methodologies for integrated coastal zone management: an approach from South AustraliaHarvey, N.; Clouston, B.; Carvalho, P.
1999Holocene sea-level change at Port Pirie, South Australia: A contribution to global sea-level rise estimates from tide gaugesHarvey, N.; Barnett, E.; Bourman, R.; Belperio, A.
1999New Zealanders on the population geography of the Western IslandHugo, G.
1999Six billion and counting: global population trends at the turn of the centuryHugo, G.
1999Metal ion dependent molecular inclusion chemistry: inclusion of p-toluenesulpnonate and p-nitrophenolate within the structure of coordinated 1,4,7,10-tetrakis((S)-2-hydroxy-3- pheneoxypropyl)-1,4,7,10-tetraaazacyclododecaneSmith, C.; Wallwork, K.; Weeks, J.; Buntine, M.; Lincoln, S.; Taylor, M.; Wainwright, K.
1999A new paradigm of international migration in AustraliaHugo, G.
1999Synthesis and conformational analysis of an a-cyclodextrin [2]-rotaxaneEaston, C.; Lincoln, S.; Meyer, A.; Ongani, H.
1999Protamine Mediated Condensation of DNA in Mammalian SpermBalhorn, R.; Cosman, M.; Thornton, K.; Krishnan, V.; Corzett, M.; Bench, G.; Kramer, C.; Hud, N.; Allen, M.; Prieto, M.; Meyer-Ilse, W.; Brown, J.; Kirz, J.; Zhang, X.; Bradbury, E.; Maki, G.; Braun, R.; Breed, W.
1999A general method for the preparation of single pendant arm 2-hydroxyalkyl-1,4,7-triazacyclononane macrocyclesCreaser, S.; Lincoln, S.; Pyke, S.
1999Host–guest complexation of aromatic carboxylic acids and their conjugate bases by 6A-(ω-aminoalkylamino)-6A-deoxy-β-cyclodextrins in aqueous solutionKean, S.; May, B.; Clements, P.; Lincoln, S.; Easton, C.