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2020Fossil coryphoid palms from the Eocene of Vancouver, British ColumbiaGreenwood, D.; Conran, J.
2020Adaptive importance learning for improving lightweight image super-resolution networkZhang, L.; Wang, P.; Shen, C.; Liu, L.; Wei, W.; Zhang, Y.; van den Hengel, A.
2020Advanced resistance studies identify two discrete mechanisms in staphylococcus aureus to overcome antibacterial compounds that target biotin protein ligaseHayes, A.J.; Satiaputra, J.; Sternicki, L.M.; Paparella, A.S.; Feng, Z.; Lee, K.J.; Rodriguez, B.B.; Tieu, W.; Eijkelkamp, B.A.; Shearwin, K.E.; Pukala, T.L.; Abell, A.D.; Booker, G.W.; Polyak, S.W.
2020Forensic touch DNA recovery from metal surfaces - a reviewBonsu, D.; Higgins, D.; Austin, J.
2021Lactic acid bacteria in wine: technological advances and evaluation of their functional roleVirdis, C.; Sumby, K.; Bartowsky, E.; Jiranek, V.
2021Bone need not remain an elephant in the room for radiocarbon datingHerrando-PĂ©rez, S.
2021Temperate southern Australian coastal waters are characterised by surprisingly high rates of nitrogen fixation and diversity of diazotrophsMesser, L.F.; Brown, M.V.; Van Ruth, P.D.; Doubell, M.; Seymour, J.R.
2020Functional capabilities of bacterial biofilms on gold particlesReith, F.; Falconer, D.; Van Nostrand, J.; Craw, D.; Shuster, J.; Wakelin, S.
2021Long-term thermal acclimation drives adaptive physiological adjustments of a marine gastropod to reduce sensitivity to climate changeLeung, J.Y.S.; Russell, B.D.; Coleman, M.A.; Kelaher, B.P.; Connell, S.D.
2021Counterfeit formulations: analytical perspective on anorecticsBonsu, D.O.M.; Afoakwah, C.; Aguilar-Caballos, M.D.L.P.