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2013Biotechnology and manufacturing into the futureRoos, G.
2014Selecting quality ingredients for the urban consolidation recipe: user design of medium-density housingPalmer, J.; 7th International Urban Design Conference 2014 (01 Sep 2014 - 03 Sep 2014 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2013A portrayal of new entrants into the Australian economy (Entrepreneurial individuals and ventures)Davidsson, P.; Gordon, S.R.; Department of Industry
2015p84 forms a negative regulatory complex with p110γ to control PI3Kγ signalling during cell migrationTurvey, M.; Klingler-Hoffmann, M.; Hoffmann, P.; McColl, S.
2015Virtual screening for novel Atg5-Atg16 complex inhibitors for autophagy modulationRobinson, E.; Leung, E.; Matuszek, A.; Krogsgaard-Larsen, N.; Furkert, D.; Brimble, M.; Richardson, A.; Reynisson, J.
2012Natural disasters and Asia: introductionAbe, S.; Thangavelu, S.M.
2015Sequencing and analysis of globally obtained human respiratory syncytial virus A and B genomesBose, M.; He, J.; Shrivastava, S.; Nelson, M.; Bera, J.; Halpin, R.; Town, C.; Lorenzi, H.; Noyola, D.; Falcone, V.; Gerna, G.; De Beenhouwer, H.; Videla, C.; Kok, T.; Venter, M.; Williams, J.; Henrickson, K.
2014XAS studies of Se speciation in selenite-fed ratsWeekley, C.; Aitken, J.; Witting, P.; Harris, H.
2015Titania nanotube arrays for local drug delivery: recent advances and perspectivesLosic, D.; Aw, M.; Santos, A.; Gulati, K.; Bariana, M.
2014Atomic fountain clock with very high frequency stability employing a pulse-tube-cryocooled sapphire oscillatorTakamizawa, A.; Yanagimachi, S.; Tanabe, T.; Hagimoto, K.; Hirano, I.; Watabe, K.; Ikegami, T.; Hartnett, J.