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2006The endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factor H2O2 promotes metal-ion efflux in aortic endothelial cells: Elemental mapping by a hard X-ray microprobeWitting, P.; Harris, H.; Rayner, B.; Aitken, J.; Dillon, C.; Stocker, R.; Lai, B.; Cai, Z.; Lay, P.
2006Charge distribution in chromium and vanadium catecholato complexes: X-ray absorption spectroscopic and computational studiesMilsmann, C.; Levina, A.; Harris, H.; Foran, G.; Turner, P.; Lay, P.
2007An overview of resettlement in the Three Gorges projectTan, Y.; Hugo, G.; International Metropolis Conference (12th : 2007 : Melbourne, Australia)
2004The Sulfur Chemistry of Shiitake MushroomSneeden, E.; Harris, H.; Pickering, I.; Prince, R.; Johnson, S.; Li, X.; Block, E.; George, G.
2008Second-harmonic generation and two-photon-excited autofluorescence microscopy of cardiomyocytes: quantification of cell volume and myosin filamentsWallace, S.; Morrison, J.; Botting, K.; Kee, T.
2003New methods for lost voice packet recovery in active networksDarmani, M.; White, L.; Liebelt, M.; IEEE International Conference on Networks (11th : 2003 : Sydney, Australia)
2008Measurement error bias in returns to education: evidence from a developing country - Sri LankaRanasinghe, R.; Hertz, T.
2008Complexation Behavior of α-, β-, and γ-Cyclodextrin in Modulating and Constructing Polymer NetworksLi, L.; Guo, X.; Fu, L.; Prud'homme, R.; Lincoln, S.
2005Low complexity regular LDPC codes for magnetic storage devicesMalema, G.; Liebelt, M.; International Enformatika Conference (2005 : Prague, Czech Republic)
2007Interpersonal trust, vigilance and social networks roles in the process of entrepreneurial opportunity recognitionGordon, S.R.