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2019V-PROM: A Benchmark for Visual Reasoning Using Visual Progressive Matrices.Teney, D.; Wang, P.; Cao, J.; Liu, L.; Shen, C.; Hengel, A.V.D.; Thirty-Fourth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) (07 Feb 2020 - 12 Feb 2020 : New York, USA)
2007Valid recovery of nucleic acid sequence information from high contamination risk samples - ancient DNA and environmental DNAKowalchuk, G.; Austin, J.; Gooding, P.; Stephen, J.; Mitchelson, K.
2008Validation of FDT calibration method in complex mediaFischer, Mario; Richardson, Andrew Callum; Reihani, S. Nader S.; Oddershede, Lene B.; Berg-Sorensen, Kirstine; Optical Trapping and Optical Micromanipulation V (2008 : San Diego, CA, USA)
2020Validation of reanalysis Southern Ocean atmosphere trends using sea ice dataHobbs, W.R.; Klekociuk, A.R.; Pan, Y.
2004Validations of the names of seven Podocarpaceae macrofossilsMill, R.; Hill, R.
2011Validity and psychometric properties of the early development instrument in Canada, Australia, United States, and JamaicaJanus, M.; Brinkman, S.; Duku, E.
2001Valuation of Technology BusinessesO'Connor, A.; Commercialise 2001 Conference. Innovation and the corporate sector (2001 : Werribee, Australia)
2012Value of long-term ecological studiesLindenmayer, D.; Likens, G.; Andersen, A.; Bowman, D.; Bull, C.; Burns, E.; Dickman, C.; Hoffmann, A.; Keith, D.; Liddell, M.; Lowe, A.; Metcalfe, D.; Phinn, S.; Russell-Smith, J.; Thurgate, N.; Wardle, G.
2016A value-driven approach for optimizing reliability-redundancy allocation problem in multi-state weighted k-out-of-n systemKhorshidi, H.; Gunawan, I.; Ibrahim, M.
2008Values, entrepreneurial attitudes, and start-up intentions of indigenous South African nascent entrepreneursLindsay, W.; Lindsay, N.; Jordaan, A.; Dottore, A.; International AGSE Entrepreneurship Research Exchange (5th : 2008 : Melbourne, Australia)
2008Valve design for extracting response functions from hydraulic systems using pseudorandom binary signalsLee, P.; Vitkovsky, J.; Lambert, M.; Simpson, A.
2010Variability in avian eggshell colour: a comparative study of museum eggshellsCassey, P.; Portugal, S.; Maurer, G.; Ewen, J.; Boulton, R.; Hauber, M.; Blackburn, T.
2002Variable centre frequency bandpass sigma-delta modulatorZhu, Y.; Al-Sarawi, S.; Liebelt, M.; Harvey, E.; Abbott, D.; Varadan, V.; International Symposium on Smart Materials, Nano- and Micro-Smart Systems (2002 : Melbourne, Australia)
1998Variable optical delay line with diffraction-limited autoalignmentKloevekorn, P.; Munch, J.
1997Variable stimulated Brillouin scattering pulse compressor for nonlinear optical measurementsKloevekorn, P.; Munch, J.
2020Variation among 532 genomes unveils the origin and evolutionary history of a global insect herbivoreYou, M.; Ke, F.; You, S.; Wu, Z.; Liu, Q.; He, W.; Baxter, S.W.; Yuchi, Z.; Vasseur, L.; Gurr, G.M.; Ward, C.M.; Cerda, H.; Yang, G.; Peng, L.; Jin, Y.; Xie, M.; Cai, L.; Douglas, C.J.; Isman, M.B.; Goettel, M.S.; et al.
2005Variation at local scales need not impede tests for broader scale patternsFowler-Walker, M.; Connell, S.; Gillanders, B.
2009Variation at range margins across multiple spatial scales: environmental temperature, population genetics and metabolomic phenotypeKunin, W.; Vergeer, P.; Kenta, T.; Davey, M.; Burke, T.; Woodward, F.; Quick, P.; Mannarelli, M.; Watson-Haigh, N.; Butlin, R.
2004Variation in metamorphic style along the northern margin of the Damara Orogen, NamibiaGoscombe, B.; Gray, D.; Hand, M.
2004Variation in sex ratios in four Anguina (Nematoda : Anguinidae) speciesRiley, I.; Bertozzi, T.