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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997A tabular method for guard strengthening, symmetrization and operator reduction for Martin's asynchronous design methodologyTabrizi, N.; Liebelt, Michael J.; Eshraghian, Kamran
2011Tackling accident blackspots head onHutchinson, T.
2015Tagging communication and information technology issues in developing countriesReaiche, C.
2010Taguchi based performance analysis of an offset strip fin heat sinkMiremadi, M.; Mehdizadeh, A.; Arjomandi, M.; Al-Sarawi, S.; Kahrom, M.; Dally, B.; Abbott, D.; CHEMECA (38th : 2010 : Adelaide, Australia)
2014Taikurrendi children and family centre, Christies BeachGrant, E.; Colbung, M.; Green, I.; Annual Conference of the Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFPI) Australasia (14th : 2014 : Adelaide)
2008TailgatingHutchinson, Paul
2010Tailoring polymeric hydrogels through cyclodextrin host-guest complexationGuo, X.; Wang, J.; Li, L.; Pham, D.; Clements, P.; Lincoln, S.; May, B.; Chen, Q.; Zheng, L.; Prud'homme, R.
2004Taking it to the max: The genetic and developmental mechanisms coordinating midfacial morphogenesis and dysmorphologyCox, Timothy C.
2005Tale of a sleeping beauty: a new and easily cultured model organism for experimental studies on bdelloid rotifersSegers, H.; Shiel, R.
2005Tanami geobotany and biogeochemistry: towards its characterisation, role in regolith evolution and implications for mineral explorationReid, N.; Hill, S.; Lewis, D.; Regolith 2005: Ten years of CRC LEME (2005 : Adelaide and Canberra, Australia)
2005Tandem organization of independently duplicated homeobox genes in the basal cnidarian Acropora milleporaHislop, Nikki R.; de Jong, Danielle M.; Hayward, David C.; Ball, Eldon E.; Miller, David James
2007Taphonomy and palaeoecology of the emuellid trilobite Balcoracania dailyi (early Cambrian, South Australia)Paterson, J.; Jago, J.; Brock, G.; Gehling, J.
2017Targeted capture to assess neutral genomic variation in the narrow-leaf hopbush across a continental biodiversity refugiumChristmas, M.; Biffin, E.; Breed, M.; Lowe, A.
2005Targeted oligonucleotide-mediated microsatellite identification (TOMMI) from large-insert library clonesChen, K.; Knorr, C.; Bornemann-Kolatzki, K.; Ren, J.; Huang, L.; Rohrer, G.; Brenig, B.
2004Targeting genetic resource conservation in widespread species: a case study of Cedrela odorata LCavers, S.; Navarro, C.; Lowe, A.
2002Taxonomic Affinities within Australian and New Zealand Mustelus Sharks (Chondrichthyes: Triakidae) Inferred from Allozymes, Mitochondrial DNA and Precaudal Vertebrae CountsGardner, M.; Ward, R.
2000Taxonomic implications of variation in sperm head morphology of the Australian Delicate Mouse, Pseudomys delicatulusBreed, W.
2010Taxonomic re-assessment of the Australian and New Guinean green-eyed treefrogs Litoria eucnemis, L. genimaculata and L. serrata (Anura: Hylidae)Richards, S.; Hoskin, C.; Cunningham, M.; McDonald, K.; Donnellan, S.
2012Taxonomic revision of Bracalba Dodd (Hymenoptera, Platygastridae s.l.), a parasitoid wasp genus endemic to AustraliaBurks, R.; Masner, L.; Johnson, N.; Austin, A.
2012Taxonomic revision of the genus Lobophora (Dictyotales, Phaeophyceae) based on morphological evidence and analyses rbcL and cox3 gene sequencesSun, Z.; Hanyuda, T.; Lim, P.; Tanaka, J.; Gurgel, C.; Kawai, H.