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2003L'area asiaticaHugo, G.; Vincenzo Cesareo
2010L(+)-lactic acid production using sugarcane molasses and waste potato starch: An alternative approachZhang, Z.; Jin, B.
2006La politica del agua en la Unión Europea: Comparación de la tutela de los recursos hídricos en Italia y en EspañaRigosi, A.; Ambientalia: Water: I Andalusian Congress Sustainable Development - V Andalusian Congress of Environmental Sciences (2006 : Granada)
2005La Política dell’Acqua nell’Unione EuropeaMannino, I.; Zanetto, G.; Daniel, F.; Rigosi, A.; Valenzuela Montes, L.
2002Label-free bioaffinity detection using terahertz technologyMickan, S.; Menikh, A.; Liu, H.; Mannella, C.; MacColl, R.; Abbott, D.; Munch, J.; Zhang, X.
2020Label-free quantitative polymerase chain reaction in an optical fibre microcavityLi, X.; Nguyen, V.; Hill, K.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Schartner, E.P.; Zhao, Y.; Zhou, X.; Zhang, Y.; Warren-Smith, S.C.; Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics/Pacific Rim (3 Aug 2020 - 5 Aug 2020 : virtual online)
2003Lability of Cd, Cu, and Zn in polluted soils treated with lime, beringite, and red mud and identification of a non-liable colloidal fraction of metals using isotopic techniquesLombi, E.; Hamon, R.; McGrath, S.; McLaughlin, M.
2004Labor export strategies in AsiaHugo, G.; Stahl, C.; Massey, D.; Taylor, J.
2019Laboratory contamination over time during low-biomass sample analysisWeyrich, L.S.; Farrer, A.G.; Eisenhofer, R.; Arriola Martinez, L.; Young, J.; Selway, C.A.; Handsley-Davis, M.; Adler, C.J.; Breen, J.; Cooper, A.
2001Labour circulation and socio-economic transformation: The case of East Java, IndonesiaHugo, G.
2001Labour circulation and socioeconomic transformation: The case of east JavaHugo, G.
1995Labour export from Indonesia: An overviewHugo, G.
2008Labour force projections: A case for the Greater Metropolitan Area of New South WalesTan, Y.; Lester, L.; Richardson, S.; European Population Conference (2006 : Liverpool, U.K.)
2006Labour Force Projections: A Case for the Greater Metropolitan Area of New South Wales to 2031Tan, Y.; Richardson, S.; Lester, L.; European Population Conference (2006 : Liverpool, U.K.)
2017Labour market integration with the world: case of SingaporeThangavelu, S.
2008Labour market regulation and deregulation in asia: Experiences in recent decadesHugo, G.
2000Labour migration from East Indonesia to East Malaysia: Recent trendsHugo, G.
1998Labour Migration in Southeast Asia: Political, Economic, Social and Security ImpactsHugo, G.
2008Labour Mobility in the Asia-Pacific Region: Dynamics, Issues and a New APEC AgendaHugo, G.; Young, S.
2010Labour relations and the transfer of knowledge in industrial clusters: Why do skilled workers share knowledge with colleagues in other firms?Wilson, L.; Spoehr, J.