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2003K → ππ Electroweak penguins in the chiral limitCirigliano, Vincenzo; Donoghue, J. F.; Golowich, Eugene; Maltman, Kim
2001Kaon properties and cross sections in the nuclear mediumTsushima, K.; Sibirtsev, A.; Thomas, A.
2012Kaon semileptonic decays near the physical pointSivalingam, K.; Boyle, P.; Flynn, J.; Juttner, A.; Sachrajda, C.; Zanotti, J.; International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory (30th : 2012 : Cairns, Australia)
2004Kaon-soliton bound state approach to the pentaquark statesPark, Byung-Yoon; Rho, Mannque; Min, Dong-Pil
1996Karyotypes of frogs from south-west Pacific Ranid Frogs (Anura:Ranidae)Mahony, M.; Norris, R.; Donnellan, S.
2011Karyotypes of Moloch and Chelosania (Squamata: Acrodonta)Hutchinson, M.; Hutchinson, R.
2007Karyotypic variation in the Australian gecko Diplodactylus tessellatus, with the description of a new karyotypic complement for diplodactyline geckosOliver, P.; Hutchinson, M.; Hutchinson, R.
2009Kaurna Bakkayoko (2009), indigenous songs celebrating the historic construction of the first Kaurna canoe since European settlementNewsome, J.; Pak Poy, A.; Peters, E.; Petherick, D.; Rotumah, G.; Turner, A.; Newsome, Jennifer Kim; Pak Poy, Anthony Christopher; Peters, Eddie George; Petherick, Douglas John; Rotumah, Grayson Ernest; Turner, Ashley Maxwell
2005Keriba Wakai-Keriba Sagul, commissioned traditional Torres Strait Islander performance for the Opening Ceremony of the Elder School of Music New FacilitiesKiwat, J.; Newsome, J.; Pak Poy, A.; Peters, E.; Petherick, D.; Rotumah, G.; Kiwat, Jardine Andrew; Newsome, Jennifer Kim; Pak Poy, Anthony Christopher; Peters, Eddie George; Petherick, Douglas John; Rotumah, Grayson Ernest
2008Kerr nonlinearity in small core optical fibres and nanowires: a generalised model, and application to microstructured fibresAfshar Vahid, S.; Monro, T.; Australian Conference on Optical Fibre Technology (ACOFT) (2008 : Sydney, Australia)
2006Key directions in social policy: a discussion paper to inform the NPSP social development frameworkBarnett, K.; Spoehr, J.
1984Keynote addressMcLean, Jack; Road Traffic Safety Seminar (1984 : Wellington, New Zealand)
1996Keys to the insects of the European part of the USSR. Vol. III Hymenoptera. Part V BraconidaeAustin, A.
2009Kick: Constraining a stochastic search procedure with molecular fragmentsAddicoat, M.; Metha, G.
2003Kinetic model for selective cultivation of microfungi in a microscreen process for food processing wastewater treatment and biomass productionVan Leeuwen, J.; Hu, Z.; Yi, T.; Pometto III, A.; Jin, B.
2008Kinetic modelling for photosynthesis of hydrogen and methane through catalytic reduction of carbon dioxides with water vapourTan, S.; Zou, L.; Hu, E.
2009Kinetic study and equilibrium isotherm analysis of Congo Red adsorption by clay materialsVimonses, V.; Lei, S.; Jin, B.; Chow, C.; Saint, C.
2013Kinetically controlled porosity in a robust organic cage materialAvellaneda, A.; Valente, P.; Burgun, A.; Evans, J.; Markwell-Heys, A.; Rankine, D.; Nielsen, D.; Hill, M.; Sumby, C.; Doonan, C.
2003Kinetics of ammonium and nitrate uptake by eucalypt roots and associated proton fluxes measured using ion selective microelectrodes.Garnett, T.; Shabala, S.; Smethurst, P.; Newman, I.
2009Kinetics of sodium release from a single brown coal particle burning in a flat flamevan Eyk, P.; Ashman, P.; Alwahabi, Z.; Nathan, G.; Australian Combustion Symposium (2009 : Brisbane, Qld.)