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2013A 'Collins' monster'-type lobopodian from the Emu Bay Shale Konservat-Lagerstätte (Cambrian), South AustraliaGarcia-Bellido, D.; Edgecombe, G.; Paterson, J.; Ma, X.
2011A 'no-fault' cerebral palsy pension scheme would benefit all AustraliansMacLennan, A.
2004A 1 GHz differential 2nd-order lowpass sigma delta modulator in CMOS for wireless receiversZhu, Y.; Al-Sarawi, S.; Liebelt, M.; Abbott, D.; Eshraghian, K.; Musca, C.; Pavlidis, D.; Weste, N.; Microelectronics, MEMS, and Nanotechnology (2003 : Perth, Australia)
2004A 1.4-Mb interval RH map of horse chromosome 17 provides detailed comparison with human and mouse homologuesLee, E.; Raudsepp, T.; Kata, S.; Adelson, D.; Womack, J.; Skow, L.; Chowdhary, B.
2006A 100W, double-clad, Nd:YAG slab laserMudge, D.; Hosken, D.; Veitch, P.; Munch, J.; Australian Institute of Physics Congress (17th : 2006 : Brisbane, Australia)
2003A 10W cw Nd:YAG laser for gravitational wave interferometryHosken, D.; Mudge, D.; Veitch, P.; Munch, J.; Takeno, K.; Australasian Conference on Optics, Lasers and Spectroscopy (2003 : Melbourne, Australia)
2006A 2.5-Mb contig constructed from Angus Longhorn and horned Hereford DNA spanning the polled interval on bovine chromosome 1Wunderlich, K.; Abbey, C.; Clayton, D.; Song, Y.; Schein, J.; Georges, M.; Coppieters, W.; Adelson, D.; Taylor, J.; Davis, S.; Gill, C.
2007A 3D lithospheric electrical resistivity model of the Gawler Craton, Southern AustraliaMaier, R.; Heinson, G.; Thiel, S.; Selway, K.; Gill, R.; Scroggs, M.
2011A 40% slope efficiency 790nm pumped 1.9 micrometre Tm3+: ZBLAN directly-written waveguide laserLancaster, D.; Gross, S.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Kuan, K.; Monro, T.; Fuerbach, A.; Whitford, M.; CLEO/Europe-EQEC (2011 : Munich, Germany)
2012A 7 mm line survey of the shocked and disrupted molecular gas towards the W28 field TeV gamma-ray sourcesNicholas, B.; Rowell, G.; Burton, M.; Walsh, A.; Fukui, Y.; Kawamura, A.; Maxted, N.
2004A baseline study for on-line condition monitoring of induction machinesAhmed, I.; Supangat, R.; Grieger, J.; Ertugrul, N.; Soong, W.; Saha, T.; Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference (14th : 2004 : Brisbane, Australia)
2005A Bayesian approach to artificial neural network model selectionHumphrey, G.; Maier, H.; Lambert, M.; Zerger, A.; Argent, R.; International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (16th : 2005 : Melbourne, Victoria)
2018A Bayesian data augmentation approach for learning deep modelsTran, T.; Pham, T.; Carneiro, G.; Palmer, L.; Reid, I.; Guyon, I.; Luxburg, U.V.; Bengio, S.; Wallach, H.; Fergus, R.; Vishwanathan, S.; Garnett, R.; NIPS Foundation Inc (4 Dec 2017 - 9 Dec 2017 : Long Beach, CA)
2005A Bayesian method to improve the extrapolation ability of ANNsHumphrey, G.; Maier, H.; Lambert, M.; Hamza, M.; International Conference on Applied Simulation and Modelling (14th : 2005 : Benalmadena, Spain)
2011A behavioural approach for household outdoor water use modellingMicevski, T.; Thyer, M.; Kuczera, G.; IAHR World Congress (34th : 2011 : Brisbane, Australia)
2011A behavioural approach to stochastic end use modellingThyer, M.; Micevski, T.; Kuczera, G.; Coombes, P.; Australia's National Water Conference and Exhibition (2011 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2018A benthic bioindicator reveals distinct land and ocean–based influences in an urbanized coastal embaymentMunroe, S.E.; Coates-Marnane, J.; Burford, M.; Fry, B.
2011A biochemical-biophysical study of hemoglobins from woolly mammoth, asian elephant, and humansYuan, Y.; Shen, T.; Gupta, P.; Ho, N.; Simplaceanu, V.; Tam, T.; Hofreiter, M.; Cooper, A.; Campbell, K.; Ho, C.
2001A bioprocessing mode for simultaneous fungal biomass protein production and wastewater treatment using an external air-lift bioreactorJin, B.; Yu, Q.; Van Leeuwen, J.
2001A boundary layer growth model for one-dimensional turbulent unsteady pipe frictionLambert, M.; Vitkovsky, J.; Simpson, A.; Bergant, A.; Dally, B.; Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference (14th : 2001 : Adelaide, Australia)