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2010Survival estimation in a long-lived monitor lizard: radio-tracking of Varanus mertensiSmith, J.; Griffiths, A.; Brook, B.
2005Survival of the fittest technology - problems estimating marine turtle mortality.Bradshaw, C.
2009Susceptibility of sharks, rays and chimaeras to global extinctionField, I.; Meekan, M.; Buckworth, R.; Bradshaw, C.; Sims, D.W.
2001Sushi, Fish & ParasitesWhittington, I.; Ernst, I.; Corneillie, S.; Talbot, C.
2014Suspended core fiber for propagating vortex LP11 modesJi, H.; Ruan, Y.; Shahraam Afshar, V.; Monro, T.M.; CLEO: QELS Fundamental Science 2014 (8 Jun 2014 - 13 Jun 2014 : San Jose, CA)
2016Suspended core fibers for the transmission of cylindrical vector modesJi, H.; Ruan, Y.; Afshar Vahid, S.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Monro, T.
2012Suspended core optical fibers for biological applications using UV wavelengthsWarren-Smith, S.; Nie, G.; Kobelke, J.; Kostecki, R.; Salamonsen, L.; Monro, T.; Liao, Y.; Jin, W.; Sampson, D.D.; Yamauchi, R.; Chung, Y.; Nakamura, K.; Rao, Y.; International Conference on Optical Fiber Sensors (22nd : 2012 : Beijing, China)
2009Suspended nanowires: fabrication, design and characterization of fibers with nanoscale coresEbendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Warren-Smith, S.; Monro, T.
2018Suspension characteristics and electrophoretic deposition of p-Type Bi2Te3 films for thermoelectric applicationsTalebi, T.; Ghomashchi, R.; Talemi, P.; Aminorroaya, S.
2006Sustainability Assessment of Housing Developments: A New MethodologyDaniell, K.; Kingsborough, A.; Malovka, D.; Sommerville, H.; Foley, B.; Maier, H.; Perez, P.; Batten, D.
2005Sustainability assessment of housing developments: A new methodology = l’évaluation de la durabilité des systèmes urbains: une nouvelle méthodologieDaniell, K.; Kingsborough, A.; Malovka, D.; Sommerville, H.; Foley, B.; Maier, H.; CABM-HEMA-SMAGET Joint Conference on Multi-Agent Modelling for Environmental Management (2005 : Bourg St Maurice Les Arcs, France)
2010Sustainability in Near-shore Marine Systems: Promoting Natural ResilienceFalkenberg, L.; Burnell, O.; Connell, S.; Russell, B.
2006Sustainability Objectives for the Optimization of Water Distribution NetworksDandy, Graeme Clyde; Roberts, Andrew; Hewitson, Chris; Chrystie, Peter; International Symposium on Water Distribution Systems Analysis (8th : 2006 : Cincinnatti, OH)
2009Sustainability trade-offs in the planning and design of cluster scale greywater reuse systemsHarnett, L.; Nicolson, J.; Tennant, R.; Dandy, G.; Maier, H.; Anderssen, R.S.; Braddock, R.D.; Newham, L.T.H.; World IMACS and MODSIM09 International Congress (18th : 2009 : Cairns, Qld)
1998Sustainable development and Agenda 21: the secular bible of global free markets and pluralist democracyDoyle, T.
2005Sustainable harvest regimes for magpie geese (Anseranas semipalmata) under spatial and temporal heterogeneityBrook, B.; Whitehead, P.
2004Sustainable irrigationMeyer, W.; Bowmer, K.
2012Sustainable water management: securing Australia's future in a green economySpies, Brian; Dandy, Graeme Clyde
2018Sustainable wineries through waste valorisation: A review of grape marc utilisation for value-added productsMuhlack, R.; Potumarthi, R.; Jeffery, D.
2010Sustained nurse home visiting with families of Aboriginal childrenArney, F.; Bowering, K.; Chong, A.; Healy, V.; Volkmer, R.; Arney, F.; Scott, D.