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2004Problems with the elicitation of uncertaintyWelsh, M.; Begg, S.; Bratvold, R.; Lee, M.; Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (80th : 26-29 September 2004 : Houston, Texas, USA)
2002Proceedings of the 2002 Australian Symposium on Combustion and the 7th Australian Flame DaysKing, K.; Ashman, P.; Mullinger, P.
2005Proceedings of the 5th Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion: ASPACC’05, the University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia, 17-20 July, 2005Kalt, P.; Nathan, G.; Dally, B.
1997Proceedings of the 5th International Congress on Sound and Vibration (5 books)Hansen, C.; Vokalek, G.
2016Proceedings of the Australia-Middle East Conference on Business and Social Sciences (in partnership with The Journal of Developing Areas, Tennessee State University, USA and ALHOSN University, United Arab Emirates)Abu N M, W.; Reaiche, C.H.; Murad, W.
2002Proceedings of the fourteenth Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference, Adelaide University, Adelaide, Australia 9-14 December 2001Dally, B.
2002Proceedings of the workshop on lepton scattering, hadrons and QCDMelnitchouk, W.; Schreiber, A.; Thomas, A.; Tandy, P.
1998Proceedings of the Workshop on Nonperturbative Methods in Quantum Field TheorySchreiber, A.; Williams, A.; Thomas, A.
2008Proceedings of Water Down Under 2008 [electronic resource] : incorporating 31st Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium, and, 4th International Conference on Water Resources and Environment ResearchLambert, M.; Daniell, T.; Leonard, M.
2006Process management: a vital cog in the value chain wheelKamineni, P.; Kamineni, R.
2009Process optimization of biological hydrogen production from molasses by a newly isolated Clostridium butyricum W5Wang, X.; Jin, B.
2005Process-based simulation library SALMO-OO for lake ecosystemsCetin, L.; Zhang, H.; Recknagel, F.; Zerger, A.; Argent, R.; International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (16th : 2005 : Melbourne, Victoria)
2008Process-based simulation library SALMO-OO for lake ecosystems. Part 1: Object-oriented implementation and validationRecknagel, F.; Cetin, L.; Zhang, H.
2008Process-based simulation library SALMO-OO for lake ecosystems. Part 2: Multi-objective parameter optimization by evolutionary algorithmsCao, H.; Recknagel, F.; Cetin, L.; Zhang, H.
2020Processes and purposes of extraction of grape components during winemaking: current state and perspectivesUnterkofler, J.; Muhlack, R.A.; Jeffery, D.W.
2010Processes driving male breeding colour and ecomorphological diversification in rainbow skinks: a phylogenetic comparative testDolman, G.; Stuart-Fox, D.
2011Production of a cascade hyperon in the Κ⁻-proton interactionShyam, R.; Scholten, O.; Thomas, A.
2010Production of a newly isolated Paenibacillus polymyxa biocontrol agent using monosodium glutamate wastewater and potato wastewaterGu, L.; Bai, Z.; Jin, B.; Zhang, J.; Li, W.; Zhuang, G.; Zhang, H.
2007Production of acrylic acid through nickel-mediated coupling of ethylene and carbon dioxide - A DFT studyGraham, D.; Mitchell, C.; Bruce, M.; Metha, G.; Bowie, J.; Buntine, M.
2007Production of external fluorescent marks on golden perch fingerlings through osmotic induction marking with alizarin red SCrook, D.; O'Mahony, D.; Gillanders, B.; Munro, A.; Sanger, A.