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2013Frequency transposing measurement technique for oscillator comparisonsHartnett, J.; Parker, S.; Ivanov, E.
2013Frequency-agile, rapid scanning spectroscopyTruong, Gar-Wing; Douglass, Kevin O.; Maxwell, Stephen E.; van Zee, Roger D.; Plusquellic, David F.; Hodges, Joseph T.; Long, David A.
2013Frequency-agile, rapid scanning spectroscopy for ultrasensitive absorption measurementsLong, David A.; Truong, Gar-Wing; Douglass, Kevin O.; Maxwell, Stephen E.; van Zee, Roger D.; Plusquellic, David F.; Hodges, Joseph T.; CLEO: Science and Innovations (2013 : San Jose, CA, U.S.A.)
2014Frequency-agile, rapid scanning spectroscopy: absorption sensitivity of 2 × 10⁻¹² cm⁻¹ Hz⁻¹/² with a tunable diode laserLong, David A.; Truong, Gar-Wing; van Zee, Roger D.; Plusquellic, David F.; Hodges, Joseph T.
2005Frequency-domain hypothesis testing approach to leak detection in a single fluid lineZecchin, A.; White, L.; Lambert, M.; Simpson, A.; Dragan, S.; International Conference on Computing and Control for the Water Industry (8th : 2005 : Exeter, U.K.)
2010Frequency-domain modeling of transients in pipe networks with compound nodes using a Laplace-domain admittance matrixZecchin, A.; Lambert, M.; Simpson, A.; White, L.
2003Frequency-domain transient pipe flow solution including unsteady frictionVitkovsky, J.; Lambert, M.; Simpson, A.; Bergant, A.; Cabrera, E.; Cabrera Jnr, E.; International Conference Pumps, Electromechanical Devices and Systems Applied to Urban Water Management (5th : 2003 : Valencia, Spain)
2003Frequent mitochondrial gene rearrangements at the hymenopteran nad3-nad5 junctionDowton, M.; Castro, L.; Campbell, S.; Bargon, S.; Austin, A.
2012Friday 13th failure modelling: a new quantitative risk assessment of UV irradiation for potable waterDavey, K.; Abdul Halim, N.; Lewis, D.; CHEMECA (2012 : Wellington NZ)
2008Friend and family financing: contrasting arm's-length and relation-based investorsHancock, G.; Lindsay, N.; Kropp, F.; Institute for Small Business & Entrepreneurship Conference (31st : 2008 : Belfast, Northern Ireland)
2004Frillneck Lizard Chlamydosaurus Kingii in Northern Australia: determining optimal fire management regimesBrook, B.; Griffiths, A.; Akcakaya, H.; Burgman, M.; Kindvall, O.; Wood, C.; Sjogrem Gulve, P.; Hatfield, J.; McCarthy, M.
2002From compassion to compliance? Trends in refugee and humanitarian migration in AustraliaHugo, G.
2011From compliance culture in elder care to resident focus innovation as social entrepreneurship: a global opportunityHazelton, L.; Gillin, L.; Biennial World Marketing Congress (15th : 2011 : Reims, France)
2012From crash test speed to performance in real world conditions: A conceptual model and its application to underhood clearance in pedestrian head testsSearson, D.; Hutchinson, T.; Anderson, R.
2017From graphene oxide to reduced graphene oxide: impact on the physiochemical and mechanical properties of graphene-cement compositesGholampour, A.; Valizadeh Kiamahalleh, M.; Tran, D.; Ozbakkaloglu, T.; Losic, D.
2002From job seekers to job keepers: job retention, advancement and the role of in-work support programmesKellard, K.; Adelman, L.; Cebulla, A.; Heaver, C.; UK Department for Work and Pensions Research Report No.170
2008From lucky country to banana republic?: the political economy of Australian development in a long-run perspectiveBroomhill, R.; Bowles, P.; Broomhill, R.; Gutiérrez-Haces, T.; McBride, S.
2008From lung images to lung models: A reviewLee, S.; Kouzani, A.; Hu, E.; IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (2008 : Hong Kong)
2011From Nagle to now: developments in Australian prison architectureGrant, E.; Annual Conference of Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology (24th : 2011 : Victoria, Australia)
2014From permanent settlement to transnationalism – contemporary population movement between Italy and Australia: trends and implicationsHugo, G.